Saturday, September 17, 2005

Body Art

This is my tattoo, of the 4 I've gotten, which is conveniently located on my right hip. I had it done in October 2002, but the colors still look vibrant, don't you think?

As you may have heard, they are addictive. I got my first one when I was 16 which is now covered up by the one shown here. At 16 I wasn't thinking about having children and what stretch marks can do to a tattoo. Let's just say that a red heart and purple rose can resemble an apple with a purple blob on top post child bearing.

My second tattoo was done on the toe next to the big one of the foot that is now in heaven. I'd like to think it's kicking the ass of Ethan's sperm donor, but who knows?

The third is located on the same toe, opposite foot of course. Fortunately I still have this one to kick asses here on earth.

So if you've done the math, I've gotten 4 but only have 2. I want more. I'm not sure what or where, but my criteria are as follows:

-It should not be visible with clothes on. (no ankles, arms, or cleavage/boobs)
-No symbols from any languages.
-No words.
-No animals
-Nothing that doesn't make me look at it and say, "That's what I want!"
-It won't be on my lower back, because that's not unique and after watching the Wedding Crashers apparently men think it's makes women look easy.

I suppose that limits my options significantly, but it is a tattoo. It should reflect me and my personality. After all I will have it for the rest of my life.


Opaco said...

I agree with all your criteria. But I think you have to be careful with color too, may not look so good 20 years from now...

Me, I want but can't ever seem to budget the cash for it :(

mikey said...

you could get a small red hourglass (a la black widow spiders) on the back of your neck (covered by your hair). that'd be cool...

Anonymous said...

Nice tatt!

I'm with Opaco; I want to make mine bigger and change it, but I lack the disposable income.

Maine said...

You have no idea how hard I laugh when you say your foot is in heaven kicking dude's ass.

Jesus Horatio Christ, that's fucking A1 gold ass damned awesomeness.

Randi said...

haha! i have japanese symbols that are words and a name and 2 "animals". Hilarious. Mine are at least originals, I have that going for me. Lower back apparently, too, is "the mark of the whore" according to my ex. Go figure.
Inadvertant HNT?

april said...

The criteria I listed are for me. Not that I don't like those tattoos on other people, just they're not for me. One of the coolest tats I've seen was of some chinese symbol on this panty-wetting man's neck. Me, personally, I ain't getting something that could really mean DUMBASS to a different culture.

HNT, inadvertant? Sure, sounds good. I just don't want to put myself on obasso's site and get that kind of attention. I just wanted to show the regular people who read this my work.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!