Saturday, September 10, 2005

Guess what?

I went out last night. Let me rephrase that, I WENT OUT LAST NIGHT! I say this with such excitement because I don't ever go out. I know you're saying, "April, you're 27 not 80!" This is true, but I've already had my share of the whole club and bar scene. Besides that, I'm a mom. Yes, moms deserve to have fun too. Which I do just not that often. "What is your definition of often?" Glad you asked. My often is once maybe twice a year. But that's ok because if it were any more frequent, it wouldn't be as fun. Alright so maybe it would, but please just let me keep myself convinced that it wouldn't.
**question: Do you pronounce often as "offen" or "often"? I pronounce it as "often" but I know a lot of people who say "offen". Just askin'.

Fyrchk and I went to an adult toy party and then to Murphy's Irish Pub in Alexandria, VA. No, I didn't buy any toys. I've already got quite the collection. My son overheard me on the phone saying that I was going to a toy party. He asked me what a toy party was so I told him that it's a party that a bunch of mommies go to with Santa's elves so we can let them know which toys our kids would like for Christmas. Which Ethan was so kind as to make me a list before I left so I didn't have to remember everything. Anywho, I had a great time and can't wait for next year to come, when I go out again!

Oh, I bet you can't guess what I had to drink????


Kira said...

LMFAO! I have to remember that way of explaining a "toy" party to the kids...

It's so good to get out and do a girl's night thing once in a while. That Friday night of debauchery that I did with Angie and Amanda a couple of weeks ago is a rare time for me, and yes, I think that makes one relish the experience even more. I regretted the hangover, but not a damn other thing did I regret (including the drinking to get to the hangover!).

fyrchk said...

After that night and the bachelorette party last night, I am a hurting puppy. :(

The Lily said...

Fyr, you are going to be a hurting puppy period because you were in Old Town and didn't call me. HOOKER.

Miss R said...

I remember my first toy party. What fun and good stuff! Now I really can say to a guy, "there's nothing you can do that I can't do better myself."

In regards to CB's comment, I agree! We were looking for trouble on Saturday night. :(