Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I don't want cuticle oil!

Last night I went to the mall. First, I hate shopping. Second, I hate being pestered by the people selling shit from a kiosk. If I wanted to buy something from them, I would walk up and inquire about what they're selling. Then they're worse than telemarketers because you can say, "I'm not interested" and walk away, but they follow you and try and act like you'll never ever be able to buy their product for this price again. Even though last week, last month and even last year it was the same damn price.

The pestering lady was selling a nail kit, complete with lotion, file/buffer, and cuticle oil. I already have one of these which was a gift from my husband for Christmas. Yeah, he got suckered. Anyway, the minute she walked up to me I said, "I already have one. Thanks." She looked at me like nothing even came out of my mouth. Then proceeded to grab my hands and tell me how horrible my cuticles looked. I wanted so badly just to ball my horrible cuticles up into a fist and punch her, but I didn't. Instead I said, "Listen, I just spent all of my money in JCPenny and I only have $3 left which I'm going to use to buy myself a pretzel." She looked so serious at me and replied, "Well you can buy a bottle of cuticle oil for $2.99 since that's all you've got." DAMMIT!! Why couldn't she just get the fucking hint and leave me the fuck alone? I smiled, "I cannot eat a bottle of cuticle oil. I am broke and hungry so I'm NOT going to spend my last $3 on cuticle oil." She said, "Well you don't have to be rude about it."

RUDE?!?! How am I being rude? I'm not the one chasing people down the hall asking them to spend their last $3 on cuticle oil! Sheez, some people!


Kira said...

She doesn't understand rude. Rude is, "I will only spend my last $3 on cuticle oil if I'm allowed to then ram it up your ass with force after I purchase it."

I hate it when people don't understand the definitions of words.

Maine said...

Whose cuticles are in such bad shape that they require their last $3 to be spent on them?

art said...

Sounds worse than the survey people we get in the malls down here. They follow you around offering money if they can ask you questions. Hell, I'd give 'em money to stop f*** n following me

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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