Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday Morning Quarterback

Yesterday was a very frustrating day in football. At least for me it was. I think the kickers decided to have a secret meeting and have come up with some kind of conspiracy to intentionally fuck up. It boggles my mind when a kicker misses a field goal. I know they can't make them all, and I'm certainly not saying that I could do better, although I'm thinking that with my right leg being titanium and all, if I practiced enough I might be able to kick one hell of a punt. But that's irrelevant. The ONLY job of the kicker is to KICK THE BALL!!!! This is what they practice, this is what they get paid lots and lots of money to do. So when an extra point is missed, no slack should be given. That's a big, BIG fuck up.

Also, the controversial tuck rule popped it's evil head into the Packers/Bucs game. When Griese lost the ball it was recovered by a Packer. However, the play was blown dead by the dumbass official as an incomplete pass. Sherman threw in the red flag for a challenge, which resulted in the head official stating (not exact words), "After reviewing the play, the loss resulted in a fumble. However, since the play was blown dead it's still Tampa Bays ball." Which basically came across to me as, "Oops. We fucked up. But since the rule book is designed to fuck you up the ass, you not only used up one of your challenges, but you still don't get the ball even though it truly was a fumble. Better luck next time."

New England came back to win the game. BASTARDS!! They didn't deserve it because, well because I just don't like them. The only good thing about that team is Adam Vinatieri, and that's only because he's hot.

How about the rookie RB of the Bucs, Cadillac Williams? He's one BAD ASS running back. He reminds me of a faster, better version of The Bus.

Ok, I'm done with my Monday football ranting.


Anonymous said...

I love Pats haters. They make winning all that much more satisfying. ;)

Maine said...

No kicker should ever miss a kick from less than 50 yards ever. You've got soccer players who can kick the fuck out of a ball from hella far and quite accurately. Why can't a few of those guys just decide to go make money being an athlete and kick field goals for a living? Janikowski? Akers? What the hell?

And New England can eat a ball. I hate the Boston teams.

I'm a fan of Cadillac though he's not quite as wide as the Bus. He is faster though. Why can't we get a running back that's somewhere in the middle? Like Dan "F-350" Lawson or something?

Kira said...

I know nothing about football, but I perked a little when you said "Bucs" just because that's the family team. I was born and raised in Tampa Bay. When I was little, they totally sucked. My dad used to have a t-shirt he wore to games that said, Go for 0! and had a picture of a sinking buccaneer ship on it. I loved that shirt...

FINY said...

Another Pats fan chimming in. Hey Macca, when did Boston teams become the teams to hate? Have we replaced NY teams in number of people who hate on us?

And in all fairness, I wouldn't blame the kicker in the Steelers game. I'd blame whoever it was who got the false start call on them. The guy made the first one clealy and convincingly, it wasn't until he had to do it AGAIN, and this time from 5 yards further back (pushing it back to a 52 yarder I believe) that the guy missed.

Opaco said...

what pains me is that pats vs. steelers game. watching the steelers work their asses off to get all the way down the field, then on a bad passing interference call get a shot at the endzone and make it. yay for them. happy as all could be.
then, the pats go down in two plays, kick and win. seemed so shitty for the steelers. good thing i hate both.

Opaco said...

oh and did you see the cowboys kicker miss and the O-Line bitch him out? that was badass.

april said...

Macca-Whatever, keep your attention on the Sox. They're going to need it! =)

Maine-I know, I know. I think my neighbors heard me yelling at the tv when the kickers missed. And F350, that's fucking FUNNY!! You'd better reserve the rights to that name and become someone's manager who can be called F350!

Kira-I would've loved to have seen your dads shirt. It sounds awesome.

Finy-I don't hate all Boston teams, just the Pats. And that's not because they've been winning because I didn't like them before that. I REALLY don't like Tom Brady and I think, well I just stop here. I don't want to get all fired up. But you're right about the Steelers kicker, they had a lot of penalties that game.

Opaco-I didn't get to see the Cowboys kicker miss, that game wasn't televised here. Or if it was I missed it. I can't think of the team right now, but I did see one of the guys get a touchdown, but because of a penalty it didn't count. The guy who made the penalty got his ass handed to him by one of the coaches. It was great.

Anonymous said...

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