Tuesday, September 27, 2005

See Dick

Dick Vermiel has got to be the meanest looking coach in the NFL. With his tightly pressed lips, scrunched up eyebrows, and ice cold eyes, they should put him on the field with the players as a scare tactic. Don't get me wrong, I like Dick. I think Dick is great, but what Dick needs to remember is ball games are won by the defense and special teams. Just to back up that statement, last year KC had the number 1 offense in the league. You'd think that with the best offense they'd be better than 7-9, right? Their defense was ranked 31st. I know that Dick has been trying to build up his defense, but by the looks of the game last night I don't see them being too much better than 31st. Denvers offense ran circles around KC's defense.

Did anyone else get a warm fuzzy feeling during Jacked Up when they showed T.O. get leveled?


Maine said...

My money's on Bill Cowher. He looks like Sergeant Slaughter's skinnier, meaner brother.

Nessa said...

I never watch that ESPN pre-show thing, but I was in the living room when TO got jacked up - I laughed!

Opaco said...

Maine you stole my words. He looks identical to Slaughter!

Dick is too "sensitive" to be mean.