Friday, September 09, 2005

Some Random Babble

The first regular season football game was last night. The Pats beat Oakland, but it was a good game. I despise the Patriots. I don't like Tom Brady. I think he's ugly and gets way too much credit. If he didn't have such a good offensive line blocking his ugly ass, he'd be shit. I think a lot of QB's get more credit than is deserved, the same with pitchers in baseball. For example, when Randy Johnson pitched a perfect game. All you heard was, "Randy Johnson pitched the 17th perfect game in Major League history." Now, I'm not saying that Randy Johnson isn't a great pitcher. I just think that if it wasn't for the rest of his team catching the ball for an out or scooping up the grounders and making the out at first, there would be no perfect game. It should be said that the Diamondbacks had a perfect game. However, if Randy Johnson pitched and not one player up to bat even hit the ball, THEN Randy Johnson pitched a perfect game. Not that my opinion will change anything, but I just needed to get that out.

Jerry Rice retired over the weekend. I guess his time was up, but I just love him and I'm going to miss him. I think he's by far the best WR ever. He's like the Michael Jordan of football. T.O. thinks he's the fucking shit, but he'll probably never touch any of Jerry's records and he should look at Jerry and learn how to act like a classy man. Best wishes to Jerry Rice and I hope he enjoys his retirement now that he can spend quality time with his family.

No more football. My son started second grade on Tuesday. He's so damn cute. I know I'm partial, but he really is. Every year there's always one kid he teams up with to be little shits. Already on the first day he came home and was talking about his new friend, Adam. "Mommy, I need some different new clothes because Adam says that I need to wear baggy tee shirts, and I need to pull my pants down a little so my underwear shows. But since I don't wear underwear I'm going to pull them down so my tan line shows."

Ok, so first NO my son does not like to wear underwear. He's just weird like that. Second, as for the tan line, he's been out in the sun all summer with no shirt and just tans so well that he's got this blinding white ass. Third, this Adam kid is corrupting my son. What I told him was that he's going to start wearing underwear because I can see there being some kind of situation where my son will think it's funny to show his ass because he's not wearing any. You have to know my son. I also told him that in Virginia it's against the law to wear your pants so low that your underwear is showing (which is completely true). Then I said that he doesn't have to do everything that Adam does because he's Ethan, not Adam and it's way cooler to be yourself than act like someone else. Of course what I say doesn't mean shit, because he just thinks Adam is like the king of second grade. Just to think, it'll only get worse when he's a teenager! AAAHHHHH!!


art said...

Hey!!! Glad to have found you! My son started 2nd grade this year as well. Isn't peer presure lovely. It is sad about Rice retiring.

Kira said...

April! Is it ok to switch my link to the new blog?

My daughter seems to be more immune to the "I have to do it because BLANK does it," and I attribute it all to chiquita banana stickers. I know that sounds crazy to anybody reading this comment, but I think you read that one April...LOL