Thursday, September 22, 2005

To pick, or not to pick.

I was having a discussion with a few of the women I actually get along with at work about little "gross" things we can and cannot do. For example, picking eye boogers. Oddly enough that conversation started about kitty eye boogers. One of the girls cannot pick the eye boogers out of her kitties eyes, and the other can't resist. However they both admitted they cannot pick human eye boogers from other people. Yet one will pick human nose boogers. Hhhmmm, I think nose boogers are worse than eye boogers, but my maternal instinct allows me to pick them both (from other people) without hesitation. Not to say that I go around picking noses and eyes, but if someone's child needs to have one of them picked, it's done. It doesn't really gross me out. However, dog slobber, baby spit-up, dirty diapers, maggots, puke, and Fear Factor all make me dry heave. YUCK, I just got the heeby-geebies thinking about it.

I also get this barely uncontrollable urge to pop a pimple on someone's face that is so big it's just about to start growing it's own set of eyes. I mean, don't they SEE it when they look in the mirror? POP THAT FUCKING THING!! No one wants to have to stare at it when you're trying to talk to them. Depending on who it is, I'll tell them they need to pop that thing growing on their face. If it's someone I really don't know or don't feel comfortable saying something to, I start to get this urge in my fingers to just reach up and squeeeeeeze, so I put my hands together behind my back and start twiddling my thumbs. Then I notice that I'm just staring at the pimple, like I'm trying to pop it with my invisible laser beams shooting from my eyeballs. That's when I just have to walk away. I cannot look at that person again, or else I'm going to burst!!

What's your gross do's and don'ts?


Anonymous said...

The thought and seeing someone eat their own boogers makes me dry heave. Never fails.

mikey said...

dude. i'm like that with pimples, too... well, kinda. i don't wanna pop it, but i wish they would. i see a big whitehead on someone? i just wanna say "dude, go take care of that."

for the most part, i let people deal with their own bodily functions, though.

Kira said...

Oh, I'm a total groomer. I only pick boogers out of my own kids' noses, though. Cat eye boogers--no problem. I will pull them out of any cat. Dogs too. I will compulsively peel off dried skin (like, after a sunburn) off of anybody really close to me. And pimples, well, shit, I can't resist those at all. Shamefully, I even pinned down the ex's brother when he was a teen so I could groom him of pimples *hangs head in shame*. Poor guy. I KNOW the only reason why he let me do it was that he liked my knockers. Ah, well. I felt so much better afterwards as he had some tremendous acne!

Ok, now that I've revealed this, I'm sure every blogger who reads your blog will now evade me. Thanks a fucking load, April! haha!

schmims said...

I pick my nose and Sierra's (the mutt dog) with a kleenex. Sierra has allergies. I pick all the pets eye boogers with Kleenex because otherwise that shit is going to get wiped on something else. My beagle wipes hers on my pants legs if I don't get her in time.

I cannot handle YARF! I quit watching Survivor when they had to eat fish that had been in hot nasty water in the sun all day and one of the contestants puked. No more for me. I HATE FEAR FACTOR.

The Lily said...

You are SO not alone! I am going to step forward and admit that when I have a boyfriend I get perverse pleasure out of popping the zits that might exist on his back.

I have no problem getting rid of nose boogs because who really wants to get that twitchy feeling you get when you could or could not have something hanging? Ya know?And no problems with my or my dog's eye boogs. Can't touch anyone else's, I know where all my cooties come from.

hotdrwife said...

I'm reminded of the kid a few years older than me in school. He also went to my church and played the accordian ... hmmm ...

Anyway! His ears were BLACK from the blackhead's that had taken over. I remember being totally grossed out by this. I also remember my mom mumbling, "Just give me time, I'd pick every last one out!"


hotdrwife said...

Oh, and for what it's worth, there isn't much that grosses out HDH. The few things that do are anything mouth related ... he said the stink related to mouth sores, dental work, etc. is far worse than any smell he's encountered anywhere else.

So it's extra funny to know the time he had to take out someone's trach tube and a giant loogie landed on him.


pickett said...

Admittedly, I will pick any zit I am allowed to. And I take great pleasure in showing off the inner goop to the owner of said zit; as if to say, look what I managed to get out of that mountain on your face.

Animal eye boogers: no problem. Mine: no problem. Other human's: for some reason, gross.

Nose boogers: I will pick mine when I am alone and I have access to a sink and soap. Otherwise - YUCK!