Thursday, September 15, 2005

We are family

This is my 15 year old sister, Casey. Oh, and her goofy dumbo-eared boyfriend. He's nice, but she's my sister and I'm a slightly protective of her. She is also the first little sister I had and my favorite. This pisses my Mom off sometimes because she thinks that I give her more attention than my other 2 sisters who are 13 and 11. I'll admit I do, but she's less annoying than the others and well, I don't know. I feel I have a special bond with her which I don't have with the other 2. Anyway, I did her hair for homecoming and I impressed myself. Isn't she beautiful??

This is her and I. I know I'm standing behind her in a funky position, but the first picture made us look like we were one big body with 2 heads because we both wore red.

I saved the best for last. This is Ethan and Rusty sleeping together. She's such a spoiled doggy!


Anonymous said...

Your sis looks great. Who the hell dressed her date? Are they taking a monster truck to the dance?

april said...

Obviously he dressed himself, but I made him take the hat off. No monster truck, he's more of a skater type kid than a redneck.

Bill said...

I agree with macca. Lose the hat.

It is understandable that you don't have much of a connection with the younger sisters. You were likely to have been less involved with them, because you were gone before they got to be interesting people.

schmims said...

Rusty and Ethan, that is soooo cute!

april said...

Bill - I only live 2 houses down from my Mom so I get to see my sister's practically everyday. See, when Casey was born my Mom and Stepdad still lived in Florida and I was thrilled to be a big sister. I spent as much time as I could with her and just bonded. The other 2 girls were born in Virginia because my Mom moved when I was in 9th grade. I stayed in Florida with my Dad. Over the past 5 years I've spent a lot of time with all 3 of them, but the personality of Casey fits mine better than the other 2, even though they're a lot younger. Casey confides in me with a lot of things and calls me when she's fighting with our parents. I try to be her friend as well as big sister and I think we've got a good relationship. Hopefully I'll be able to have the same with the others over the years.

DEFINITION: Vodka makes me poop.

Bill said...

That explains it. So are you the cool older sister?

My sister and I are much more civil now that we have a few states between us. It is amazing how fast kids grow up. My oldest nephew just turned 21. Where does the time go?

random thought-I should know better than to buy girl scout cookies. The darn things are just staring at me begging to be ate.

WV- rnqmtfq- run... and I'll leave it at that
It is what I used to say to a couple of the jalopies I drove when i was younger.

april said...

I suppose I'm the cool older sister. I give them the clothes I don't wear anymore and they actually WEAR them (well the 15 & 13 y/o do). That's a good sign right? I'm cool enough for them to wear my clothes still.

Bill said...

That is cool enough. Do they steal your music? Are they the doting aunts, or do they keep as much distance as they can?

april said...

They don't steal my music, but I burn them copies of the cd's they like. As for doting aunts, Ethan and the 11 y/o, Taylor, fight like cats and dogs. The 13 y/o, Alex, is going through the "I know everything" phase and is really bossy. Ethan doesn't respect her as much as Casey which pisses Alex off, in return causes some disputes. But he listens to Casey really well and tells me that she's the only Aunt he loves. But none of them really are doting aunts. Maybe in a few more years.

Bill said...

11 and 13 y/o girls... their poor parents. You have them babysit on occasion? Hope they give you a reasonable rate.

Is it Friday yet?

april said...


DEFINITION: Clairebell gets lovin.

Bill said...

Good thing for me that I am off Thursday and Friday then.

Putting together massive power point presentations is a pain.

april said...

Hmmmm, sounds like SOMEONE is trying to rub SOMETHING in.

Just thinking about a massive power point presentation is a pain.

Did you notice the A-Team birthday hat I'm wearing in the other post? I just realized that's Mr. T and cracked up laughing!!

Bill said...

"I pity the fool!" That is a classic line. An A-Team themed party. WOW.

Considering where I will be, I'm not sure I get to rub it in to anyone. While it is something I enjoy, I am not sure many people can handle 4 days of strategic board games. I will win at least one game of Ticket to Ride!

Kira said...

I have three older siblings, and I admit to not being as close to Mark as I am to Ken and Rose. Mark is the next youngest. He's five years older than me, and perhaps I am not so close to him today because when we were little, he'd torture me and hit me for no reason. SOMEBODY was unhappy to have his role of the baby ursurped! We get along fine now, though. I just never call him or write to him save maybe for his birthday. I send his kids presents for bdays and christmas, and they seem to like me a lot. But I'm a lot closer to my other two sibs and their children. It just "happens."

My older sis used to do up my hair and makeup for dances :) Boy, that brings back memories! Largely she did it out of sympathy. I have no ability to put on makeup, do my hair, or dress myself reasonably. It's a talent I lack. I'd be better off if the world were a nudist camp, I think.