Thursday, October 20, 2005


The Maine Family has been blessed with the birth of their new baby girl, Ava!! How exciting!! He's got a beautiful picture and all the details on his site and I urge you all to go visit and see Ava!


*as a side note, new babies are fun to look at but are a good reminder that I don't want anymore kids.*

Another happy day for Schmims who is now 27 28 wonderful years young!!


*subsequent side note, turning 27 made me feel old. Just thought I'd share.*


Opaco said...

Ahh babies... uhm, no thank you.

schmims said...

THANKS APRIL! And actually I'm 28. I told people at the music store yesterday where I take fiddle lessons. They thought I was only like 20/21. Maybe when I'm 50 I'll finally get hit on by men in their 30s. Preppy is one grade younger, but a year and a half technically younger. It's the in thing to date younger men. Everyone in Hollywood is doing it. :)

april said...

Well I feel like a fucking idiot now! I don't know why I thought you turned 27. Oh well, at least I didn't make you one year older.

My husband is one grade younger but a year and 8 months technically younger too!

I had a guy ask if he could take me out to dinner and when I told him I was married he said, "MARRIED, HOW OLD ARE YOU?" I said, "27." He said, "WOW I didn't think you were that old."

*pause* He's SOOOO fucking lucky I didn't punch him like I wanted to do. Sheesh, that old! What the fuck?

So, I say, "How old are you?" He says, "19."

My first thought was holy shit, this kid looks my age. I drove off. My second thought was, DAMN I could rock that kids world!

jadedprimadonna said...

Been reading your comments on Amanda's and Kira's blogs and enjoying them, so thought I'd stop by for a visit. Glad I did. I felt old on my 27th and 28th bdays. And 29... well, let's just not go there. But at 30, I remembered how to have fun again, and I haven't felt old since. =o) It's all about the fun! (Read: the younger men... my hubby's slightly younger too!)

fyrchk said... many times have you called me old?

Yeah, that's what I thought bitch.


cookie monster said...

ha! i felt old on my 14th birthday!

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