Monday, October 24, 2005

Blah, blah and more blah!

I didn't sleep well last night knowing that my friends and family are getting directly hit by this Wilma bitch. I've talked to my friend, Natasha, and her crazy ass went out on her patio so I could hear the wind and rain. Let me tell ya, it sounded like she was standing by a set of train tracks with a moving train speeding by. Horrible. I have faith that everyone will be alright, but please cross your fingers and hope for the best.


I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to the fans, the team, and their affiliates. You see, it is ALL MY FAULT that the Pack is doing so horribly bad and it all started last year. I asked for a Brett Favre jersey for Christmas which Santa so kindly put under my tree. I wore this jersey for the first time during Green Bay's last playoff game of the season. As we all know, Brett fucked that game up BAD! It wasn't until this 1-5 season that I realized, I have cursed the Pack with my jersey. Therefore, I am retiring it. No, I'm burning it and throwing the ashes in the Shenandoah River. We're now the worst team of the worst division in the NFL. For that, I'm sorry.


Pessimistic thoughts:

-It's fucking Monday!

-It's fucking COLD!

-I'm fucking tired!

-My fucking head hurts!

-I really like my fucking Favre jersey and I wish I didn't have to burn it. I'm writing a letter to Santa! That bastard brought me a cursed jersey!

-My 15 year old sister looked SOOOOOOOOO beautiful for her homecoming Saturday night. Too bad her fucking boyfriend is a goofy looking bastard! (you thought that one was going to be optimistic, didn't you?)

-My fucking glass is EMPTY!!


Johnny said...

its all your fault! :p

so did u get said sister a chastity belt?? muhaaha

Opaco said...

shouldn't it be...
-My fucking glass is "fucking" EMPTY!!
Just curious.

You can not be blamed for the suckiness of the Packers. Haven't you noticed that a lot of the NFL is sucky this year? The league is becoming "white washed". Very "plain jane" and it is getting boring to watch. My Seahawks and the Cowboys was all about who's vanilla offense was going to fuck up first...luckily the Cowboys did.

NFL is getting so boring.

april said...

Johnny - NOOOOOO because she's not going to have sex until she gets married!! DUH! yeah, right.

Opaco - I should have made the whole post with a million "fucks" but that would have been redundant.

Luckily for us, we have officials who fuck up so much that it makes watching football less boring.

Kira said...

It's fucking cold here too. I think I miss Florida, and then I remember Wilma. I guess it's ok here...

Jezzy said...

Hey, I'm still around - hope your friends and family are okay. x

schmims said...

Next year, could you wear a Bama jersey. It's too late for this year. Sigh...

Bill said...

I have gone the opposite direction. I might not have been wearing enough Packer gear. So in honor of the cold weather, relatively speaking, I broke out the fall Green Bay coat, with official Miller Lite Logo attached. If it works, I'll wear this baby through February. It might be a little too light for that time, but i'll take one for the team.

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