Monday, October 17, 2005

Can they hear me?

I watched some college ball on Saturday which gave me high blood pressure and a popped vein in my head. There were so many good, close games that ended in me yelling uncontrollably at the t.v. This is a problem, but I'll get back to that in a minute. Let's talk about the biggest one that pissed me off, UVA upset #4 FSU. Let me make this clear UNRANKED UVA BEAT #4 FSU. Yes I live in VA, but my stomping grounds are in FL, besides that I have an utter hatred for UVA that really has nothing to do with their football team and more so their medical staff. Particularly one Orthopaedic fuck who's last name rhymes with town and is the color of SHIT!! But that's irrelevant. Anyway, good job Cav's!! They played better than FSU and deserved to win.

Let's talk about the 2 teams who won but shouldn't have. First is USC vs. Notre Dame. If USC's hottie QB wouldn't have had the ball knocked out of his arms, causing it to go out of bounds, the clock wouldn't have stopped, time would've ran out and Notre Dame would've won. UGH, it was really disappointing. ND's band and fans even ran onto the field because the officials did let the clock run out "in error." I bet if ND had Rudy, they would have been victorious. The second team is Penn State vs. Michigan. Michigan came back to win literally with ONE second left in the game. Talk about lucky. I don't think I was able to speak for about 5 minutes after that game ended.

As for my league of choice, the NFL, it was a happy day for me. Since both of my teams had their bye week (Packers & 49ers) I could cheer for the opposing teams of the two whom I despise, the Patriots and Redskins. THEY BOTH LOST!!!!! How great is that?!!

Now about my problem with yelling at the television. I yell at EVERYTHING!! Some of my most frequently yelled phrases:

"Run mother fucker, RUN!"
"Get that fucker!!"
"How did you miss that, it was right on the numbers???"
"FUMBLE, FUMBLE, don't pick it up just land on it!"
"You dumb bastard!"
"He was wide open!"
"GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!" (also often used during sex)
"You got knocked the fuck out!"
"I hate the damn officials!"
"Go baby, GO!"
"TOUCHDOWN!!!" followed by my arms up in the air showing a good field goal.
"Throw the fucking ball, THROW IT!"

This is the reason why I cannot go to public places to watch football. For some reason, I can't control the urge to yell at the t.v. even when I'm not in the convenience of my own home. Last year during the Packers last game of the playoffs, Favre was just having the WORST game ever (throwing a forward lateral past the line of scrimmage, 3 yards from the endzone) and I was embarrassing myself in public.

I am not the only one who yells at the t.v. am I?


Anonymous said...

You lost me on the football talk when you mentioned sex.

Opaco said...

I yell at the T.V. with the best of them. I don't do a whole lot of it anymore though. Bad games over and over again can cause you to lose a lot of excitement for your team. So now, when the Seahawks are doing well, I expect the other team to come back and win (flash back to the St. Louis game last year). So it's usually pretty quiet with me watching the game. Unless you get another fan in the room...then the yelling commences all over again. So if we watched a game together, the neighbors would call the cops on us!

schmims said...

I think it's hilarious when people get mad at inanimate objects. It's always fun to watch.

Preppy went to the OSU/ND game.

Kira said...

Oh shit...I didn't realize how close that ND/USC game was...I'm wondering now if I should call my dad and let him weep on my shoulder or not. Or call my sister. Or my brother Ken. Yeah, I'm the freak who went to Duke instead of ND in the family...

pickett said...

Good thing CB, Miss R and I did not have to witness the carnage of Miss R's Dad and step mom watching the Seminoles lose this one.

If for nothing other than to call it karma for Labor Day weekend, I am glad the Seminoles lost.

schmims said...

Preppy and I were talking on the way to the grocery store (second trip after I went out to get cheese slices and my dog at three chicken brests off the counter so we had to go back to the store. I said, I'm so blogging this, thus beginning out blog conversation.) Anywho, he said tell April I went to South Bend this weekend.

He's so proud of himself.

The Lily said...

You know, with you talking about UVA like that VT would probably make you an honorary alum.

I hear they wish painful and certain death on their nemeses. And often.

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