Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Say no to coconuts!

My friends and family in Florida are all ok and minimal damage was done to their property. Although a coconut did land on the hood of a friends recently purchased Acura TL. She got pissed at me for laughing when she told me that story. Oops!


This week the schools in this area are having 'Say No To Drugs' awareness. A flyer was sent home explaining the theme for each day of the week that the children can participate in. The themes are as follows:

Monday-Wear all red.
Tuesday-Crazy sock day.
Wednesday-Wear your biggest smile day because it's picture day.
Thursday-Sports day. Wear something with your favorite teams logo.
Friday-Hat day.

It went on to say that the purpose of each theme is to make the children aware of drugs and how dangerous they are. Now, I'm all for the concept of 'Say No To Drugs' and I'm happy that they've dedicated a whole week to the cause. And I'm sure the kids are having fun dressing up and all. But really, I don't think that these themes will prompt the kids to do the right thing when tempted by peer pressure to do drugs.

"Hey Joey, take a hit of this shit." (as he passes a blunt)

"No thanks man. I'm good."

"Dude, just try it. What's wrong? You scared?"

"No man. Remember when we wore those funky socks in 2nd grade?? Drugs are bad, asshole!"

"HA HA, I was sick that day! I Guess I'm just gonna have to smoke this bitch myself then!"

"But you did wear that shitty Redskins hat on hat day! SO BUYAH MOTHER FUCKER!! Now say no to drugs and throw that blunt away!"

I wish it were that easy.


I've had hits from people Googling the following words:

-Blackhead boyfriend groom-
-Picking dog noses-
-Dog nightmares-
-Boob o Meter-

What the fuck?!? At first I thought that these people were just freaks. Then I realized that they got to MY BLOG with the freak words. So what does that say about me??


Maine said...

Seems kinda counterintuitive to me.

Billy: "Hey man, why didn't you wear red today?"

John: "I'm an individual and I make my own decisions based on what I think is the right thing to do."

Billy: "But all the cool kids are wearing red. Don't you want to be cool?"

John: "Kinda."

Billy: "Then fall in! Be a follower! Do what peer pressure says to do! Learn to conform!"

John: "OK. I'll conform. Making my own decisions is gay anyway."

Billy: "Good. By the way, we're all gonna go smoke weed later. You down?"

schmims said...

I was just wondering how wearing funky socks related to anti-drugs. No wonder we have kids smoking the crack rock these days.

Anonymous said...

My daughter's school is doing that this week also. Today was "dress like twins day," to symbolize "teaming up against drugs" or something like that.

Kira said...

What does it say about you? It says you're a freak! But you are a damn sexy freak with a hell of a nice set o' tits! It's good to be a freak. Normal is boring.

They have wear red day for drug awareness at my children's school. What about the color RED makes one think of avoiding drugs? Why not black, as in "you'll have a BLACKOUT if you don't stop drugs!" or green as in, "Your snot and puke will be GREEN if you kill off your body slowly due to DRUGS!" It's this I wonder and more.

Opaco said...

I think it is cool that they are doing different things for the kids. But some of these are a little rediculous. What does wearing a hat have to do with drug use?