Thursday, November 10, 2005

Drop down and get your eagle on

I haven't been able to get on here and post in a couple of days because I've been helping out at a different office. Getting on the internet just isn't a good idea when I'm working somewhere else, ya know? It's probably not the greatest idea to do it at my normal office, but I've gotta do something to break up the monotony of the day!

Tuesday Ethan and I went to vote. The county schools are giving a pizza party to the class in each grade who've had the most kids vote. They use computers for the kids to choose their candidate, but prior to the actual voting process it asks which school, grade, and class the child attends. There is also a picture of each candidate above their names which is how Ethan made his decisions. Apparently he went with the best looking candidate which was actually pretty hard to do. You should've seen the candidates. It'll be announced on Friday which classes get the pizza party. So please cross your fingers that Ethan's class wins.

My boy made me proud during his Cub Scouts meeting Tuesday evening. The troop leader told the boys that this Saturday they were going to have a food drive. He also told them that all of the food was going to stay in our town and go to the families who couldn't afford to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Ethan raised his hand and I immediately felt my blood pressure rise. Why? Because I could hear him ask, "Why don't they get a job so they can buy their own dinner?" However, he didn't say anything remotely close. What he DID say was, "What about the hurricane Katrina victims? I bet a lot of them can't afford a nice Thanksgiving dinner." Being the emotional sap that I am, I got a little teary eyed. The troop leader was impressed with Ethan's question and thought of having a penny drive. All the pennies collected will be sent to one of the churches providing holiday dinners for the victims of the recent tragedies. What a wonderful boy I have!!

Unfortunately my 'proud-to-be-Ethan's-mom' look turned sour real quick. When the troop leader mentioned the date of their Christmas party and asked that we all bring something to eat, Ethan said, "My mom can make jello shooters!" All the parents started laughing as I sunk into my chair. Ethan didn't know until the car ride home that jello shooters are more than just jello. What a wonderful boy I have!!

I'd also like to give a special thanks to Bill for giving me the wonderful idea of voting for Bugs Bunny! Every candidate who didn't have an opponent lost my vote to the Funny Bunny. Unfortunately Bugs didn't win any position up for election! Maybe next year!


schmims said...

I'll come to a Boy Scout Christmas dinner that serves up jello shooters!

Anonymous said...

It's all fun and games until a cartoon rabbit actually wins the election... then we're all in trouble.

Bill said...

Nothing wrong with picking an actual Looney Toon for office. It happens all of the time. You are very welcome. I believe that when the results are all official they will publish the list of write-ins. On the unofficial site you can find the the number of write-in votes, just not who they are for at this time.

I think you should bring jello in little cups to the scout party. The parents will all wonder if they are real shooters or fake until they try one. The scouts will just like the jello especially if they are made in the little paper portion cups so they can easily eat them with no hands.

Kira said...

Ok, so I laughed out loud at the jello shooters comment...HAHAHAHA! that's totally great!

See, another reason why we need Ariana and Ethan to have an arranged marriage: cub scout, girl scout. See? SEE? Match made in heaven. When do ya want the wedding? :)

jadedprimadonna said...

Awwww - what a great kid! I had to wipe away a tear myself. =o)

Johnny said...


april said...

Schmims - I won't be the one serving up the shooters, but I wouldn't put it past some of the parents I've met.

Macca - I'll vote for you if you decide to run for Governor of VA!

Bill - Maybe I'll make virgin jello shooters, that'll be fun for Ethan and I to do together. You're just full of good ideas!!

Kira - The wedding should be after they finish college. What do you think??

JPD - He is a good boy, and surprises me everyday! Thanks!

Johnny - Laugh?? Is that like a command or is that your way of letting me know you think it's funny???

DEFINITION: Fame can be evil.

Bill said...

That and I know how the mind of a second grader works... I may have to grow up darn it.

vasuvkyy- Virginia SUVky
driven like an idiot on the beltway. To turn without knowing where you are going. Any accident that involves an irate SUV driver.

I have noticed that other people are doing word verifications... It is a new online trend!!!

pickett said...

It is amazing what kids will say. I vote for virgin jello shooters at the Cub Scout dinner. Red and Green for the season and keep the parents guessing : )

Anonymous said...

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