Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Stumped (no pun intended)

I've been meaning to make a new 100 things about me list. I deleted everything from my old blog, including the list. But I'm just having a difficult time thinking of different facts for my new list. So I've been thinking (can you believe it?) and maybe I can get my new list started with your help. Are there any questions that you would like to know the answer to (about me)? Ask them. I'll answer them as long as they're within reason and not something I'm not comfortable sharing. I believe Finy had a post like this a while ago, so thanks for the idea!

While you're thinking of questions, I have a question for y'all. Who told Missy Elliott that she has a cute face? Someone must have because that's the first line of her song Lose Control. Who ever it was, LIED!!


Johnny said...

um, whats your favorite position?? :P

Bill said...

We know what you currently do for work, but what do you want to do?

Kira said...

...don't forget to list off as reason number one:

1) I have a great rack.


Hmmm...ok, do you want to have more children?

Maine said...

I already know everything there is to know about you. More than you think....!

Though you may want to mention your feelings on NFL kickers. that's crucial.

Bill said...

Any chance you will go out with me? --Bill

anthony michalski said...

what made you start blogging?
as i stated in a previos post here i just came across this one and added it to my favorites..
i read the posts and like to see what bothers or effects other people.
i do have to say that i am a Chicago Bears fan and i am so happy that finally (although our season has ben a wild ride) seeing the packers losing makes me so happy after all these years of getting smashed by them.
but i think we may feel the same about those vikings.they lose culpepper for the season and then have somehow righted their ship.

The Lily said...

Shhh. Everyone knows that stars' support staffs lie to them.

What is your favorite thing to do to make yourself feel better if you have had a bad day?

april said...

Johnny - You're such a DOG!! (get it, DOG??) ha ha!!

Bill - What I REEEEALLY want to do is be a pianist. I want to play the piano and sing beautiful songs. Not tacky stuff, ya know? Unfortunately for me I can't sing and don't know how to play the piano.

Kira - Thanks babe, from one great rack to another!! As for the kids.......not right now.

Maine - You'd like to think you know all you need to know.....NFL kickers piss me off. All they get paid to do is kick the fucking ball between the goal posts. They don't tackle, they don't catch, they don't get tackled and if they do the other team gets penalized. And some of the mother fuckers can't make a 30 yard field goal. Why'd you get me started????

Bill - How sweet!!! But you know I'm married silly boy.

Anthony - My friend, Frychk, started her own blog and suggested that I start one too because she said my emails cracked her up. So I did. As for football, do you realize that you said ship and Vikings in the same sentence?? Am I the only one who finds the humor in that? Seriously, I'm actally happy the Bears are doing good, it's been a while for them. I like all teams except the Pats and Skins. I despise them both. I'm a HUGE Brett Favre fan, so I cheer mainly for the Packers (aka worst team in the league). I used to be a big 49ers fan but Joe went to KC then Jerry went to Oakland. It was at that time that I decided that I can't just devote myself to one team. I loved the 49ers because of the players. So I continue to have my favorite players, they're just on a bunch of different teams. Some of the players include: Cadillac Williams, Larry Johnson (Holmes better watch out for this kid), LaDainian Tomlinson, Tori Holt, Joe Jerevicius, Hines Ward, Brian Erlacher, Jeremy Shockey, The Bus (of course), Ahman Green, Donald Driver, and Donovan McNabb. I can appreciate football to the fullest. Did you see Shockey on Jacked Up last night before the game? I love that show.

Clairebell - Well someone needs to be honest with her! Good for her for losing weight, but DAMNNNNN!! That face has got to GO! My favorite thing to do after I've had a bad day is drive in my car with my radio on full blast and just drive and sing. All by myself (because I sound better singing when no one's around).

A.J. said...

C'mon now, some people think that pugs are cute!

fyrchk said...

At what point did you begin loving the Fyrchk?

Seriously, if you could do it all over again, would you?

schmims said...

And for #2, My boobs are way bigger than Schmims.

What is your least favorite food, that you would rather starve than eat?
What are you scared of?

Take piano lessons if you want to learn. You can do it! I'm 28 and just started taking fiddle lessons.

Bill said...

And wow, I just got the title joke. I must have been out of it yesterday.

Dream Vacation?
Favorite Ethan moment?
What sports will you allow Ethan to play? Not play?

schmims said...

Haha! Bill I just got it now that you pointed it out!

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