Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Take this job and SHOVE it!

In the almost 3 years I've worked for this company, we've always been able to leave early the day before a holiday, with pay. It's never been a policy that the company has, just something they've done. Usually around 3:00 p.m. or so, one of the head honcho's would let us know that we could leave. Although we all appreciated that they let us leave, we all sat around wondering if/when they were going to let us go.

Well a couple of months ago we had a staff meeting in which we were asked what could the company do to help boost or morale. (pointless) I suggested that since we've always been able to leave early the day before a paid holiday, they should make it a policy. This way we're not squirming in our seats waiting to get the fuck out of here. That idea was one of several which we've not seen implemented. (see where the pointless fits in?)

Yesterday the CFO tells us at 5:00, after mostly everyone had left, that we can all leave today at 3:00. However, since it's not fair to those who come in early, we're not getting paid for our full 8 hours if we do choose to leave. It seems that the people who came in at 7:30 didn't think it was fair that the people who came in at 9:00 were able to leave at 3:00 and still get paid for 8 hours. Which honestly it's not fair, but neither is telling us it's ok to leave at 3:00, you just won't get paid.

How is that boosting anyone's morale? That's not a fucking benefit to anyone. If I want to leave at 3:00 any day of the week, I'm going to leave at 3:00. I don't need her telling me that it's ok. Not being a bitch about it, just it's never been an issue with anyone who wanted/needed to leave early. But now that she's telling all of us it's ok, we're supposed to be grateful or some shit? Fuck that!!

If it's an issue of fairness, why can't they just tell everyone they're getting 2 hours worth of pay? That way no matter what time you come in, you still get 2 hours. Doesn't that make more sense?


One of the women I work with took her husband to the Green Bay game Monday night. Knowing how much I love the Pack she got me a CHEESE HAT!! If you don't know what one looks like, CLICK HERE. I'm so wearing it on Sunday when I go to a sports bar who does have the game on!!


Anonymous said...

I'm letting my staff go at 3:00 today and paying them for it. The one girl who comes in ridiculously early is going home at 2:00 instead of 4. I do the 2 hours off paid thing for everyone. Then again, I am a fucking awesome manager. =P I chalk it up to being a Teamster for 2 years and being shit on by management for another 7 before becoming the management which I despised. I think it made me more in tune to what the staff wants.

Meetings with staff to talk about morale boosting is just dumb. It is counterproductive for the most part because many suggestions are things that can't be done. That makes people who made suggestions feel like their ideas are not worthy, which actually lowers morale. Poor management.

april said...

In all honesty I can't think of one idea that we've come up with that can't be done or is too over the top. Here are a few that I can think of:

*A water cooler

*Longer lunch incentives for months or quarters in which we've met $$ goals

*Longer lunch or leave early on your birthday

*A picnic table outside so some of us can enjoy our lunch when the weather is nice. (Yes, there's plenty of room for it)

*Some kind of copay discount when we have an appointment with one of our OWN physicians. (Non-employees get this kind of stuff all the time)

I don't think that any of those things can't be done. Do you?

Randi said...

If you want perks may I suggest a job at the city? I'm surprised we get paid! Ah, the life of a union worker... and I'm livin' it.

schmims said...

I work for the governement. We have to count of 0.1 hours of our vacation time if we're six mintues late. And we get in trouble for being out of our assigned areas. It's like kindegarden.

Bill said...

If nothing else, the Packers can't lose to the skins this year.

Federal employee... yeah, vacation not a problem. We have a water cooler but have to pay for it ourselves.

WV...lzfue-Lazy few
what you see after six in my office.

Anonymous said...

*I can't believe you don't have a water cooler.

*If you are in a production environment, it is tough to allow more time away from your work. Some more progressive companies do offer Birthday incentives.

*If your company is the least bit profitable, they should have a picnic table outside. Come on.

*If the coppays are insurance related then there is really nothing they can do unless the discounts are underwritten into the plan policy prior to signing the contract.

My guess is that this person who is running the show doesn't have the amoutn of authority needed to get this done. It's just a guess.

mikey said...

sheesh. they're totally playing politics.

you mention that people should get to leave @ 3. they twist it so that yes, you can leave @ 3, but it's without pay. that way, they "technically" heed your suggestion, but they make you look like a big dumbass for suggesting it in the first place.

Maine said...

April, because you're my dog, I won't tell you what time I'm going home today.

Aside from saying... it's right now. Peace.

fyrchk said...

I'm telling you, one of the MANY fucking reasons I left that company. I'm sure there was the issue of whether or not people were going to get to take Friday off. Same thing every year.

I have to work Christmas at my new job, but guess what? I get double time and a half. yee-haw!

April, you need to get your resume out there and get a new fucking job. Don't stagnate there for six years like I did...and you are halfway there.

A.J. said...

To hell with jobs, and financial security for that matter. My last "paycheck" job was over seven years ago. Granted I'm still in the studio at 6:30-ish.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!

lowprofileboringperson said...

Good grief... Sounds like one of Roboto's bright ideas. I hope you're having a great Thanksgiving!

fyrchk said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sexy Gimp!

Kisses! MWAH!

Kira said...

My brother gave my kids a cheese hat. So, now we know what headgear your son and my daughter will wear to the wedding, eh?

schmims said...

I got to leave two hours early wednesday and I normally get off work at 3:45!

Anonymous said...

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