Friday, November 11, 2005

These are a few irritating things

DISCLAIMER: This post does not reflect the opinions of the author, April, because it's merely her fingers typing erratically. Should you feel offended, please fuck off. Thanks.

There are 2 words that I have read on several of my favorite blogs that I don't like. Nothing personal, I just don't like the word. Kinda like when you know someone with a really cool name who turns out to be a complete asshole, the name is forever ruined. Except these are not names, they're words, and for some reason they just don't rub me the right way. (Does that make me hard to please?) ANYWAY, the first word is:

WHILST. This is the British use of the word WHILE. This is irritating to read because I do not know ONE person with whom I've had a conversation that used this word. If you don't use it in conversation why write it? If you're not British why write it? It doesn't make you appear any more intelligent so WHY??? WHY I ASK?? Like spelling words with a "u" that 99% of Americans spell without. Example, colour. What the fuck?? Really. Is WHILE not good enough anymore?? I need some answers people.

The second word is:

DIGRESS: Again, I don't know ANYONE who has EVER used this word during a conversation. EVER. (I have heard it on a radio commercial, but that doesn't count!) Most people would say, "But anyway.." or "Back to what I was saying.." or "Shit, now I've forgotten what I was talking about!" Plus is sounds too much like DIGEST and honestly that's what I think about when I hear it. Occasionally it gives me gas too, so I don't fucking like it!!

One word I'm particularly liking today is FRIDAY!!!! WOO mother fucking HOO!!


Maine said...

I use digress, like... every day. :)

Kira said...

I actually use digress. I actually use all sorts of obscure words too, but...April! I'm an English professor! haha! I don't use whilst unless I'm in England, but I guess I have so many Brit friends that I'm used to it being used and I don't even blink.

You know what bothers me? Spelling "a lot" as one word: alot. I have a foaming at the mouth seizure when folks do that. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Where did that convention come from? Why is it so widespread? I don't like "all right" spelled as "alright," but I can cope with it more as I believe that in another decade or two, alright will probably be accepted by academia as an adequate spelling (currently, the press already seems to accept "alright" as I've seen it in print regularly, but in the official grammar/mechanics manuals, it's incorrectly spelled if it's "alright"). But again, at least the second one I can understand why folks use it.

BUT ALOT??? WTF??? Should we just combine all words? Thatdoes notmake senseto me!

april said...

Maine - I stand corrected. I DO know someone who uses it in conversation. Thank you.

Kira - There are some things that I'll never forget from my 7th grade English teacher.
- a lot is NEVER spelled alot
- all right is NEVER spelled alright
- separate is NEVER spelled seperate

I don't do the first and last but I do spell all right like alright because my 11th grade English teacher said that it was now (then) acceptable. I wasn't going to argue with her because she wasn't happy that I corrected her in the first place.

To be honest with you I couldn't remember if it was already or alright that shouldn't be one word. Now that you mentioned it, I feel all edumacated all over again!!

You're so smart and that's such an attractive quality in a person!

Bill said...

The worst thing for spelling is reading the Economist. I see "colour" and "labour" all of the time and get so used to seeing it that when I write I have to be careful to use the American, and thus proper, spelling.

Randi said...

I'm definitely an abuser of whilst but mostly because I think I'm funny and am trying to sound pretentious. And "but I digress" I think is pretty common...

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