Sunday, November 20, 2005


Yesterday I went to a restaurant/sports bar to get my grub on and watch me some football. As we're seated I start looking around at the 20 televisions. Everywhere I look I see the Redskins. There's more than one damn game on so what's up with the Skins? Yes I live in the heart of Skins central, but at least one t.v. should have a different game playing. Some of us cringe at the mere sound of the name Redskins, and I'm one of them. So I ask the waitress if we can get the Steelers game on one of the tubes. You know what she said? "This is the only game televised." NO SHIT, that's why I left my house to watch football!

GOOD MOTHER FUCKING GOD!! The place is called DOUBLE OVERTIME and they don't have the NFL Sunday Ticket or any other kind of sports package offered by satellite companies!!! The nerve of some people to open a sports bar and not purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket! At least the Skins lost!!


When someone gets into an argument why is it that they've "exchanged words?" Doesn't every conversation require exchanging words? Or do you gotta tell someone to kiss your ass or fuck off for it to be considered exchanging words? What is it called when deaf people get into an argument? Exchanged signs? Exchanged fingers?


During one of the games last night, the commentator says, "Sometimes they just get to running so fast they forget about the football." Now I'm aware of the fact that I've never ran 50mph with a football in my arms, but I'm thinking that it's not going to be so easy to forget about. Isn't the name of the game, FOOTBALL?" Maybe if he were being chased by a bunch of crazed lunatics or a pack of wild elephants. But the goal of running with the football is to get as many yards as possible to score. Scoring requires you have the football in your arms, not forget about it. I fucking hate commentators.


It's Monday which means it's time for Monday Night Football! The Pack is playing Minnesota, their biggest enemy. Please cross your fingers and pray to the football gods that we add win #3 under our belts. Oh, have a wonderful day too!


Maine said...

If you have make-up sex after an argument, is that what they mean by "exchanging fluids"?

By the way, the bar was full of shit. The Skins were on Fox, but the Giants and Philly were on CBS. Or vice versa. I watched the other game.

schmims said...

Laughing at the second point.

Randi said...

You:football is like Dad:baseball. We have to shut the windows while watching a game at home lest the neighbors hear and think he's beating on my ma and I.

Kira said...

I know very little about football and I could SO be a commentator!

"You know, if they could just get the ball into the end zone, they could score!"

Bill said...

blues, despair, and agony on me, deep dark depression excessive misery... yeah.