Saturday, November 19, 2005


The Uncle survived his open heart surgery and I think it's because my husband was there to be supportive. Sheeeeew! Thank god he missed work otherwise the Uncle's aorta might have felt his absence and squeezed itself permanently shut. Then House would've had to hobble his ass into the lobby and scream, "WHERE'S THE NEPHEW? How am I supposed to make this shit work when the Nephew isn't here? You ignorant people make my job a nightmare!" Then Anthony Edwards would make a surprise guest appearance, which I would miss because I WORKED yesterday, and say, "Will you get a hold of yourself, House! I can do this without the Nephew, now step aside gimp!" Then we'd jump to a commercial break.

Ok, so I'm a fucking idiot sometimes, but isn't that allowed? I can't be brilliant all of the time. Right, ALWAYS. But brilliant, meh.


Kira said...

Tremendous! Maybe his new job should be to travel around and stay with surgery patients and save their lives by being there for a fee.

(I'm still in a pisser of a mood, what with being sick and all...can you tell?)

Oh, and since it's 7p now...GO COCKS!!! Come on, you KNOW you can't help but root for a team that has tshirts that say "You can't lick our cocks!" I'd take a nice cock over a tiger any day of the week! I'll be really disappointed if the cocks don't win. I mean, we have spurrier for a coach now, and although he was crap at the nfl, he's a stellar college coach. Why is that true for so many coaches? That's the case for basketball, too, I've noticed. They will be the best ever at the college level, but make them turn pro and they screw up left and right.

Bill said...

I go away for a couple days and the world goes crazy. Being able to piss off the pope, I'll just stay out of all of this. I hope the rest of the wekend went well.

Jezzy said...

Aww, yeah, you're pretty brilliant.

Maine said...

Jesus, that's funny.

You know... House just might need the nephew there. He'd be like, "When he used to play got your nose with you, did you ever notice a red dot on his fingertip? Because if you did, he's probably got dipthalomidia, and we're about to cut into the wrong valve."

Anonymous said...

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