Thursday, December 08, 2005

I need meat

There's this really cool new girl at work who is a vegetarian, we'll call her H. I have no problem with people who choose not to eat meat or animal byproducts, what so ever. That's their choice. And as long as their not glaring over my shoulder while I'm munching on a nice, juicy steak, we're all good.

However, I've always been curious as to why a person decides to be a vegetarian. I've gotten to the point where I felt comfortable enough to ask H why she gave up the meat. Her response was what I expected for the most part. She talked about how the animals are injected with a bunch of shit that's not healthy for them or humans. The animals are raised in a shitty environment which causes a lot of deformities in the animals. One point she made was one that I had not heard before; She was employed by a company who only handled Workers' Compensation claims. She said that many of the large poultry companies would hire illegal immigrants and not pay their medical bills when major accidents happened like getting their hands or fingers severed by grinders. That's shitty. She also went on to say that she knows that her contribution in not eating meat doesn't really help, but it does make her feel better. I can respect that, completely.

I kinda sorta started to feel guilty because I can eat me some meat. Then I started thinking, that's right I said THINKING!! People have been killing animals for food since Eve ate the apple. Sure the animals were hunted after roaming wild in the woods not being cooped up on some commercialized farm. But I don't think wild animals treat each other kindly.

I've seen many wildlife shows when the bigger animals viciously attacked their prey. They didn't provide them with food and shelter, giving them a proper life to grow up and get slaughtered. No, they chase the little bunnies until one unlucky rabbit gets it's life taken by the ferocious jaws of a feline. That's just the way it works.

I know that's different because it's nature and all that bullshit, but cut me some slack here. I'm trying to get my mind off the fact that I may be eating burger with illegal immigrant parts mixed into it. That and I'm constipated. So back off!!


fyrchk said...

I'm imagining your face right now and it's cracking me up. I'm sure you were completely into what she was saying until someone said, "Wendy's for lunch?" and you were all over it.

I love you. You crack me up.

Itchy said...

You can get the organic, farm grown meat that is allegedly hormone free.

What I also tell myself to feel better about eating meat is that they use the whole cow. I eat the steak, I make a burger, and my leather coat all came from the same cow. It helps me...really.

Maine said...

I think along the same lines. I try to be all earth-friendly and recycley and stuff and I try and care about the world and people's feeling and stuff, but, I have a limit.

I'm not going to pander to the feelings of food. And I really doubt that a cow, given the same mental capacity as we, would give a damn how we felt before we were killed.

I do, however, buy free range meat whenever I can, and I try and support local farmers instead of big machines, but, no, I'm not giving up burgers because I feel guilty about the way the food chain works.

And, since I'm rambling... I used to be a vegetarian for two years. Seriously. And I gave it up for a few reasons. More than I can really talk about here. Suffice it to say, meat eating works better for me.

Bill said...

Speaking as someone who was involved in raising beef calves in my younger days... it sounds bad, but after having a bull calf chase you, nothing is more satisfying than eating the sucker. Cattle are dumb, stubborn, and mean (unless they are pinched). I could tell stories, some pretty gross about dehorning.

Meat=good ... if god had meant for us to be vegitarians, meat wouldn't taste so good.

schmims said...

I don't eat red meat and I rarely even eat meat. In high school I played competitive soccer and our coach suggested a high energy diet to aid in performance so we had that extra little push in the 90th minute of the game. It was all carbs and protien. No red meat, no fast food, fried food. I've pretty much stuck with it becasue that was what I got used to eating.

Also, visiting several third world countries has made me prefer to say away from meat all together. YIKES!

Anonymous said...

I have seen slaughterhouse video and it's some of the most unpleasant stuff I have ever witnessed (Macca bites into Burger, guy with plastic Burger King head smiling and nodding behind me). Still, I eat meat and poultry. I do buy free-range stuff to help my consicence, but life feeds on life. Even vegetarians eat living things.

Randi said...

Better we eat them before they eat us first eh?
I'm a total meat-eater and yes it's sad that chickens get the raw end of the deal but my are they delicious.
Cannibalism, well that's just another story all together. Poor immigrants.

Amanda said...

You know, I've read the books and seen the documentaries on animal cruelty, and I love animals. I grew up on a farm where I knew the animals I played with would one day end up on the dinner table; this didn't phase me one bit. I had a very firm grasp on the circle of life. Besides, there's nothing better than a big ol steak smothered in blue cheese....mmmmmmmm!

JJ said...

I figured at least one vegetarian ought to leave a comment...

I've been vegetarian for 13 years now. I didn't give up meat for health reasons or because I worry that the animals are being treated cruelly. I gave it up because I could.

The way I see it - If I don't need to have an animal killed so I can eat, then I won't. I don't need meat to survive, so I'm not going to have anyone kill animals on my behalf.

Killing things just kind of weirds me out I guess.

And I'm not one of those hippie freak vegetarians. I usually eat pizza, bean burritos, cheese hoagies, and I drink a shitload of beer.

Kira said...

Like Maine, I was a vegetarian for two years. I have my own list of reasons why I decided to do that (none of which I EVER shoved down anybody's throat; like religion, I believe vegetarianism is a choice best left up to the individual). Then one day I was around two carnivore friends, shooting off a bow and arrow at a target, and suddenly I put the bow down and said, "I want a steak." They then stared at me in silence. Suddenly, one grabbed one arm and the other grabbed the other arm, they threw me in a car, and I was taken to a steakhouse wherein I ate my fill of cow, their treat.

Oh, and then got a horrid tummyache because when you don't digest meat for two years and then get a big ol' pound of steak in your belly, it hurts to process it.

I don't think I'll ever be a vegetarian again, but I don't eat as much meat as your average person does nor ever will, really. It's just a personal preference. I like a big ol' steak, but as long as my meal contains cheese, I'm ok with no meat being present. Mmmmmm dairy....

april said...

Fyrchk - Mmmmmm Wendy's Bacon Mushroom Melt!!! Hee hee. I love you too Sweets!

Itchy - That's a good way to look at it, I think I'll try it.

Maine - Not feeling guilty about the food chain is the reason why I never understood vegetarianism.

Bill - Meat does taste yummy. Another reason why I couldn't be a vegetarian.

Schmims - Did you get that extra push in the last 90 minutes of the game?

Macca - I've seen those videos too and I actually threw up watching it.

Randi - The immigrant part of what she said actually hit me the hardest. I'm going to do more research on it, I think.

Amanda - I like filet mignon wrapped in bacon, but I like bleu cheese on my burgers.

JJ - Thank you very much for leaving a comment. I can appreciate a persons choice to not eat meat. I don't need meat to survive, as the title of this post may have been misleading. I just feel that people have been hunting animals for food since who knows when. I know that it's now commercialized and much different, but again that's part of the food chain. Right?

Kira - That's a great story. I probably would've done the same if I were one of your friends. Only I'd of bought you like one of those 5 pounders!

Anonymous said...

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