Friday, December 30, 2005

Internal Sunshine

Wednesday night Ethan was so sweet to me, kissing every part of my face because he still feels that kisses will make boo-boo's better. He said a prayer for me last night and asked God to make his mommy smile pretty again. Yesterday morning on my way to work, I got really depressed because I don't want to be seen this way. So I called my house to have my husband talk me out of turning around and coming home. Instead Ethan answered and this is how the conversation went:

Ethan: Mommy, why are you crying?

Me: Because I just wanna come home and snuggle with you all day. I
don't want anyone to see me this way.

Ethan: Everything's going to be all right, Mommy. I promise. And if you
want to come home then turn around and come back. I'll take care of
you and snuggle with you today.

Me: Awww thanks buddy, but I think I'll just go to work since I was off

Ethan: Ok Mommy, but if anyone laughs at you or makes fun of you, just
call me and I'll take care of them. OK?

Me: Ok bud, thanks for being the bestest boy in the whole wide world. I
love you so much my Boogie-Woogie.

Ethan: Thank you for being the bestest Mommy in the whole world and I love
you too so much my Mommy-Wommy.

He truly does make me smile on the inside. He's been rubbing my face and telling me that it's going to get better. I've been getting neck and shoulder massages from my husband every night too. If I have to look on what some refer to as a "bright side" then at least I've still got my family to spoil me and my T&A, baby!!


Miss R said...

How precious! Your boy is so sweet. Kids have good instincts about these things. Their innocence lets them see things more clearly sometimes. Sounds like he will bring back your smile for you.

pickett said...

How incredibly sweet! Your stories are making me want one of those. (calm down Miss R, calm down)

Coley said...

Oy. Bell's Palsy is a bitch. I'll bet your kiddo is right about it. My live-in Man-Candy had it a few months ago, and within a few weeks, you couldn't tell anything had ever been wrong.
In the meantime, however,just keep smiling your cockeyed smile.
What a great kid you've got, says a lot for your parenting.

anthony said...

from you post about when you 1st got the bell's to your post today you can immediately tell things are getting better.
hang in there,fight hard and don't beat it not just for you but for your great family that you have.
have a safe and happy new years

hotdrwife said...

Ah, little boys and their mommas.

Can't wait for that! Right now, he just runs around screaming, "NO!" at me.


Randi said...

You literally brought tears to my eyes. He's a good boy thanks to a great mommy no doubt. Chin up, Charlie. It'll be ok.

Miss R said...

A friend of mine in NC has two little boys. The older one has always been sweet and supportive when she was ill, especially when she was diagnosed with cancer. He told her the same thing, "Don't worry, Mommy. It will be OK." She's doing well now; no more cancer after the surgery. Little boys are so sweet like that with their mommies.

Pickett - Hmmmm...interesting. Are you finally getting some motherly yearnings? Do you really need more than one Squirrel around?

pickett said...

Miss R, I said not to get too excited. More than one Squirrel scares the living daylights out of me!

Miss R said...

Pickett - Excited? That wasn't excitement. That was just innocent bewilderment. You know me better than that. More than one Squirrel scares the living daylights out of all of us!

Mojotek said...

It's great that you have such an understanding and supportive 7 year old son. I don't think too many momma's get to say that.

Teri said...

I just arbitrarily picked yur blog off that scrolling list on the Blogger homepage and WHOA. Sorry that this shit is happening to you right now and I so admire your courage and sense of humor. And you must be an amazing mom. What a loving little guy you have!

Thanks for being so honest. I'll be back to read that you're smiling again, I'll bet.

Blessings! xo

schmims said...

Awwww! That makes me want to stop taking my birth control.

No. I DID NOT just say that.

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