Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Rollie Pollie

One of the women I work with has a daughter who is 7 years old and weighs 110 pounds. Now I know that her father is a big man and she's genetically predisposed to be on the larger side compared to most children her age, but 110 pounds is morbidly obese for a 7 y/o. The worst part is that her mother doesn't think that she's fat! She calls her "solid" but I've never seen solid jiggle or hang over the waist-band of pants. The doctor even told her that she needs to put her daughter on a diet because she's over weight. Ya know what she said? "I'm taking her to a different doctor because any doctor who thinks of putting a 7 y/o on a diet is crazy!"

Aaahhhhh, denial. Gotta love it!

So maybe a diet isn't what she wanted to hear, but she could at least stop feeding her junk food. The other day her and I went to lunch together and when I was getting in her car she said, "Don't mind the mess, I haven't cleaned out my car." The mess she was referring to was Dunkin' Donuts bags. Several of them. She told me that she gets her daughter 2 donuts every morning on the way to school. TWO DONUTS!! EVERY MORNING!! AFTER SHE EATS BREAKFAST!!

I feel bad for talking about a child being disgustingly fat because it's not her fault. I feel bad for the little girl because you KNOW she's getting picked on by the kids in school. Things are just going to get worse for her when she gets into high school, in my opinion.

How could a mother not see that her child is considerably over weight? How could a mother ignore what a physician tells her? How could a mother not be concerned that her weight can be a serious health risk down the road? I am a mother so I know that it's different when it's your child, so it's easy for me to say what I am about someone else's kid. But I also know what I would do if it were my child, and it wouldn't be stuffing his face with donuts every morning!


Bill said...

"Ummm, can I get a Big Mac to go with my two Super Sized Meal Deals, better make that a diet coke." Ahh the world we live in.

As for last night, I have nothing to say.

Maine said...


She's genetically predisposed? That's fat people talk for "me and her daddy eat like shit, so we don't see the problem in letting her eat like shit too."

Kira said...

When a seven year old is fat, unless there is a metabolic disorder going off, it is ALWAYS the fault of the parent(s). She has complete control over her daughter's eating habits. Two donuts...wow. You know, my daughter is 8 and if we have doughnuts for breakfast, she has one. And that IS breakfast. If she's really hungry, she might have two, but that's total...no breakfast first. I think my daughter weighs like 4 lbs. She's a slender thing. We have fruit and peanuts and popcorn...maybe chex mix...for a snack in the afternoon, and she has fruits and/or veggies with lunch and dinner. My child may be a picky eater, but she eats a balanced diet. I'd be ashamed as a parent if my daughter ate crap and was overweight at this age. Why? Because it'd be my fault.

april said...

Bill-I too have nothing to say, which is why I didn't bring it up. Ashamed, I say.

Maine-Her dad is really tall and stocky, but I like your version better.

Kira-Ethan is tiny too. He's the shortest kid in his class, and he weighs 41 pounds. Him and Ari will make such a cute couple!!

The mother of the fatty does let this kid run her life. Being fat isn't the only issue going on in their house. The kid is one of those spoiled rotten, RUDE, little bitches that make you just want to slap the shit out of her to put it mildly. She has NO manners, she has NO discipline, and she ALWAYS gets what she wants. All of which is her parents fault. Thank goodness for our children, right?

Anonymous said...

This kind of thing infuruates me. The poor kids learn how to eat from their parents. If their parents are self-hating fatties, they aren't going to pass on good habits to their kids. What an ignorant fat sow. Please put a tack on her seat when she isn't in it. Wait, it would probably find a cellulite dimple and not even hurt her. Put a pylon there instead.

Itchy said...

It seems to me that if the doctor has made a medical prescription for the child to be put on a diet and the parent refuses, that the doctor could report the parents for abuse.

I know this isn't traditional mommy hits me and daddy burns me abuse, but it is abuse. The parents are causing the child to be fat. That causes a risk to her health.

I believe doctors are required by law to report abuse...he needs to get to reporting.

Amanda said...

I agree with Itchy. This is a form of abuse; the parents are enabling the abuse of their daughter by society. Yes, the other kids at school are teasing her. Yes, this teasing will cause a variety of emotional problems for her. Yes, her parents should be reported.

I'd say we've found two more candidates for Kira's sterilization gun.

mikey said...

heh. the mom is appalled that the doctor said that a 7 year old should diet... meanwhile, she doesn't seem to notice that she let her daughter get to the point where she needs a diet. nice.

that's like letting the kid watch Yu-Gi-Oh (or whatever) all day, and then being surprised when she gets bad grades in school.

JJ said...

I would have a really hard time keeping my mouth shut about it.

If a parent doesn't feed their kid, they'll be charged with neglect. If they feed their kid way too much, they should face a similar punishment.

The Lily said...

Then again, why pass on those genes to the pool when we can just let them eliminate themselves?

Heartless? Maybe. But I am sick and tired of all these people not taking any kind of responsibility for their health. Makes my premiums go through the roof because they can't exercise a little freaking self control.

"Big boned?" My ass. "Just Fluffy?" KILL YOURSELF! Genetics? Only to a certain extent, but controllable by diet and EXERCISE.

*grrr* and aside from political issues fat people are how we are perceived by the rest of the world. I, for one, refuse to give them concessions (two seats for the price of one, Big is beautiful clubs, PC talk) on issues that can be helped. Fat is not a disability. Laziness apparently is.

A.J. said...

I'm always a fan of thinning the herd anyways. I saw an entire family shaped like that poor 7yr old. I was unfortunate enough to be in a walmart a few months ago and saw this corpulent family of five (finding each other's genitalia enough times to produce three kids must have been a matter of blind luck!). I followed them around the store for a half hour out of morbid curiosity. I never felt so bad for a car as I did for their overworked Dodge Caravan!

Kira said...

I just thought I'd comment on those who feel that the case should be of abuse/neglect and hence the duty of the state to take on the issue. The doctor probably would not be able to report the parents for medical neglect (which is the only category I could think this would apply under, as a former foster care worker) unless the child had some definte health issues that have surfaced already from being obese. So, if the doctor called about it, they'd likely not be able to take it to investigate unless the doctor can show that something has already happened other than the obesity so far (IE, that the obesity has already caused the child health issues).

I really feel sorry for children like that because yes, they are a product of their home and end up being hated and ignored as they grow older since nobody wants to be around a spoiled brat. That won't be my children...and that won't be April's. Oh, and April, I think Ethan and Ariana weigh about the same amount...haha!

fyrchk said...

April, you didn't mention the story about the kid hiding under her covers eating all of her Halloween candy.

The child is huge and it is sad. There is a woman in the office who has a candy dish and if mom took a piece of candy, she'd have to grab another one or her daughter would yell at her for not bringing her any.

How crazy is that?

schmims said...

When I was in elementary school, there was a fat kid per grade. Now its more like five fat kids per class room. There is definatly a problem with childhood obesity these days. Directly relating to the obesity problem in adults.

I coach soccer and I know that I'm teaching them more than just the game. I talk to them about everything from diet to respect for others and working hard. Too many parents aren't talking to these kids. Someone has to.

hotdrwife said...

This reminds me of a girl I went to school with. Her mom refused to believe she was in fact overweight, kept feeding her full of crap (lots of greasy stuff, if I remember right), and now she's very, very overweight and probably very unhealthy at that.

But I do find it funny that her family now owns the donut shop.

I'll be waiting for my portal to hell to open up now, thankyouverymuch.

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