Tuesday, January 03, 2006

More from the kid

Me: "How was school today?"
Ethan: "Good. I learned how to do chin-ups and push-ups. And we got a new student."
Me: "Oh yeah?"
Ethan: "Yeah, her name is Kayla and she's from somewhere else."
Me: "Where else?"
Ethan: "I don't know, maybe Europe or Africa."
Me: (trying not to laugh) "Is she pretty?"
Ethan: "A tad, but she gets stains on her mouth when she drinks. That's gross. She needs to wipe her mouth so it doesn't stay stained all day. I told her that too."
Me: "You did?? What did she say?"
Ethan: "She wants to be my girlfriend."
Me: "So is she your girlfriend now?"
Ethan: "NOOOO. Kayme is still my girlfriend. She doesn't get stains on her lips."
Me: "Ok, I was just asking. Anything else exciting happen today."
Ethan: "No, but I do have black lint on my wiener and balls from the new underwear you bought me."

Ahhh the innocence of children.


Kira said...


Oh god!

So, ball lint is not so bad as lip stains, eh?

Hmmm Ariana never gets stains on her lips from drinking.... ;)

Laurie said...

I'm sorry but I think you have my son. Please return him immediately. That is all.

fyrchk said...

Whenever I hear "weiner" in relation to your son, I think of the flashlight story and it cracks me the fuck up.

tj said...

LMAO What a great way to start the morning. Thanks.

hee hee He said weiner!

hotdrwife said...

Too funny!!!

My nephew has a girlfriend. He's 6. He sent her b-day invites and drew hearts around her name.

Ah, young love.

JJ said...

If I saw someone with spinach in their teeth, I'd give them a hint. E's just doing his part to help out. Mouth stains are lame.

Miss R said...

BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, at least she didn't tell him about the lint on his weiner and balls.

A few years ago, I went to visit a girlfriend and her family. At the time her oldest boy was still in diapers, but talking pretty fluidly (don't ask). We had taken him with us around town that day and dropped by her office. When he needed his diaper changed, she took him to her cubical and layed him on the floor to do so. During this process, he loudly asked his mother, "Are you going to put the powder on my penis mommy?" I laughed so hard I wet myself and used the ladies room.

The Lily said...

Lord that boy, so precious. And I thought I spoke MY mind.

pickett said...

If I could clone yours, maybe I'd do this kid thing. Terrified of girls, they might act like I did?!

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