Wednesday, January 25, 2006


THIS DOUCHE BAG totally ripped off and HACKED Hottie's PAID for blog design.

This is FUCKED UP!! Please feel free to shank her yourself at


Laurie said...

I think everyone should have some fun and sign her "guestbook". As you can see....we've started it for ya....

Carry on.

Make me proud.

Opaco said...

brown and green. yuck.
also, it looks better in firefox then IE and you pretty much got to be screwed up in the head to mess up how things look in IE. weird.
i think my first blog design looked better and it was an "inspired" by compilation too, but i didn't steal a paid for template.

lame she is.

The Lily said...

The text of an IM convo I had with Damian, just because he said I wouldn't:

CB: i'd say hooker, but that is what I call Bertha. I mean fyrchk
DD: i'm so telling.
CB: go ahead. I don't care!
CB: Ain't skeered.
DD: uh-huh. she'll smother you with her mams
CB: i may be a gimp but I am just fast enough to pass April.
DD: i was about to say
DD: you've got a leg up on her
CB: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
CB: bad
CB: I'm telling
DD: go 'head
DD: i dare ya
CB: don't think i won't butterbean

and there you have it. Our first class tickets to hell.

april said...

Clairebell, you can call me whatever you want. You've just got it like that with me. But what I wanna know is what the conversation was PRIOR to you saying that you'd call me hooker if Fyrchk wasn't hogging the name.............

First class tickets sound much better than the hand basket I was using to get to hell!! The devil is in for a treat when we all get there..... =)

hotdrwife said...

I'm still stuck on the "smother you with her mams" part ...

Mojotek said...

I think its down now... I'm betting she just moved it to something else.

Grant said...

Maybe you scared her away.

hotdrwife said...

I'm sure she just moved, too.

But, we disabled the links to the martini glasses and such - so all she had this a.m. was a bunch of red x's where the icons were.


A.J. said...

Can't even connect to it now.

Anonymous said...

i'm usually flattered when someone mimicks something i've designed.

but never a direct copy of it.

and i get pissed if their version looks like shit. because then i feel like shit.

The Lily said...

*big grin* It's been lost to the far reaches of cyberspace.

And I somehow don't remember...


Anonymous said...

So is "douche bag" now a unisex put-down? When I was young, back in the Edwardian Age and all, it was only applied to men. Which is odd, given that men don't normally douche, but then again, maybe that's why it's supposed to be insulting to me. Who can remember, people had different attitudes before the Great War. Why, I remember once that one of my classmates once told me --- what was I asking about again?

april said...

Clairebell - Of course you don't remember.......uh huh...RIIIIIGHT. *hugs*

Frank, Svend, Ancientguy, Mr. Galvin - Douche bag is a term that I've recently wondered HOW it exactly became a "put-down." I'm sure that once upon a time, the Edwardian Age if you will, the douche actually came in a bag. However in modern times it is served in a bottle with a long tube to be inserted in the vagina. How is it that someone looked at the douche bag and said, "you know, this guy reminds me of one of these?" But to answer your question, I do believe that douche bag has evolved to be a unisex insult. Although I'm going to add to the insult by saying to my next victim, "you're a douche bag. A moldy douche bag that has been passed around a house of ill repute." What do you think?