Friday, February 10, 2006

I have the power

I had a dream last night that I went to get my hair done. I told the hairdresser that I wanted my hair highlighted with foils and she wanted to put my hair through a cap. My hair is almost to my ass, and it's NOT going through a damn cap! Not even in my dreams. Anyway, I told her that I wanted foils and she kept arguing so I told the manager that I wanted someone else to do my hair. They walked me into this back room where a 7ft. tall GORGEOUS gay man stood. That's just my luck. A tall, hot guy rubbing his hands through my hair, and he's not into what I've got to offer. SO, he walks me to this bed and lifts me up onto it then he sits down behind me and proceeds to highlight my hair. Only he wasn't using foils. He wasn't using the cap. He was using hamburger buns.

It was a dream people. C'mon!!


Ethan knows that I don't like him using words that mean bad words. (examples: freakin', dang it, friggin', etc.) I suppose that they're not technically bad words, but still I don't like it. So this morning he says, "It's freakin' cold outside!" I looked at him and said, "Ethan you know I don't like it when you say.." he interrupted with, "I know, I'm sorry. But I don't know why you grown ups made words that mean the same thing as bad words but aren't bad words and still don't want kids to say them?"

He made a good point. But he's still not allowed to say them. That's the power I have being a mom and grown up. Which is exactly the reason why I ate strawberry cheesecake ice cream for breakfast!!

Deep Throat of the Day: Are hamburger buns the future of hair coloring?


Coley said...

The invention of "bad" words always perplexed me too. Why would people create words that you AREN'T supposed to use?

As for the hamburger buns, who knows, they are rather spongelike, so perhaps they will be the new method for applying haircolor.

Right, just talking out my ass this morning. Happy Friday April!

Lisa said...

LOL, hamburger buns??

My son says "snap" all the time. It drives me crazy as well. But come to find out, he got it from Nickelodeon!!!!!!!!! Yeah!

The Lily said...

I don't think "snap" means anything bad. Or I could just be a fuddy-duddy.

Laurie said...

My kids are not allowed to say "bad" words either. This includes but is not limited too:
-dead, die, death
(they had to say "booped out" 8 year old is past the age for using this but REFUSES to say "DIE". She still says booped out)

-Frig, freak, frick-in
(a look from me usually fixes this)

-crap ( I just hate the word coming outta their little mouths)

-God as in, Oh My God ( I was raised nazarene and don't want the devil to get me. Even though I say it now..I just don't want my girls saying it.

Anyhow, there's my 2 cents.

Itchy said...

I got in trouble as a young little Brownie for knowing how to spell Hell...sheesh. You'd think I'd get points for knowing how to spell...

What gets me is when the young kids use the words in the proper context. My 5 year old nephew and almost 2 year old niece have each used bad words properly. I'm so proud. ;D

Odd Mix said...

I think for long hair you would use hotdog buns.

dukethor said...

Ok, I checked my Dreamers' Handbook, and it says that tortillas for highlights are perfectly normal, but hamburger buns means you're completely nuts.

As for "bad" words, they're just words. The words themselves aren't good or bad; it's the context in which they're used. So, if if one of my girls says, "Oh, fuck!", or "That sucks", it's no big deal, but if they say, "you suck", that's a different story.

Kira said...

You know I agree with dukethor completely on the bad words issue because I wrote up a blog on JUST that topic about a month or so ago. I guess it's the English professor in me. It's ok to use a word to express displeasure, but it's not ok to use words to hurt other people. The word cow is a fine word, but once I say you stupid fat cow, cow is a "bad" word.

strawberry cheesecake ice cream is a completely valid breakfast choice.

april said...

Coley: Happy Friday to you too, and have a wonderful weekend!!

Lisa: Ethan hasn't picked up on the snap term yet, but I've heard it on Nickelodeon and it's only a matter of time.

Clairebell: No, it's not a bad word, but it could be used in place of shit. "OH SNAP!"

Laurie: You know your 2 cents are always welcome here!! They're really worth way more than 2 cents, priceless.

Itchy: Ethan tries to get away with spelling the words too. "If I play ball in the house, you're going to be P-I-S-S-E-D at me, aren't you?"

Odd Mix: That cracked me up!!

Dukethor: You are absolutely right.

Kira: When I read Dukethor's comment, I was immediately reminded of your post. But even when Ethan says it, not directed towards anyone, it just sounds really bad. I suppose because I would say, and not to him, "It's fucking cold outside." So to hear him use freakin' it just seems wrong. I should probably ease up on him a little with that, huh?

Ron said...

Thanks for saying that I'm gorgeous April. But I'm only 6'2". Tell your husband I'm sorry about getting the hamburger bun crumbs in bed with us. :)

Anonymous said...

Once when I was a kid, I'd heard someone on a soap opera (enter Argument No. 423 for "nurture" vs. "nature" here) say, "Oh, my God." So, I go into the office, and my mother was sitting at the typewriter, made a mistake and breaks out the Liquid Paper. So I say, "Oh, my God!"

Mormons don't like that phrase. And I got in trouble.

schmims said...

The hamburger buns! That's hilarious.

THK has gained a few pounds since the last time I dated him. I had a dream that he had a six pack. I woke up and told him about my dream and then patted his stomach and told him, "yep. It was only a dream". Darn.

Randi said...

I want to have kids just so I can say, "Because I'm your mom and I said so." Oh, to be the boss.

Anonymous said...

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