Sunday, February 05, 2006



Thank you ABC for providing shitty entertainment since Nipple-gate.

Back to the game, right after I clean the blood from ears caused by the Rolling Stones.

Have a wonderful night.


schmims said...

I didn't even see any of the game. The Stones Rule!

Itchy said...

When he was "singing" Start Me Up, I little bit of me died.

anthony said...

the went the "safe" way again.
they don't want anything to happen again like nipple-gate but will exploit "challenged" kids playing football that was fucking brutal.
the national's 2006 not the mid 70's get some up to date opinion get rid of the entertainment and focus on the game! 45 minute halftime show is uncalled for.
the NFL is a "business" nowadays so make a business decision and tell whoever is doing the national anthem to sing it the way it is and don't change it.
and get your officiating crew to get the calls correct.
the commercials were very lack-luster also the best was the streaker goat for Bud.
my choice of halftime entertainment was on animal planet channel...the "puppy bowl II" half a dozen puppies in a toy filled replica football field just doing whatever without anyone talking!
they also had water bowl cam...from under a clear water bowl.
nice entertainment

april said...

Schmims: Normally I like the Stones, but last night was just terrible. Their whole performance was shitty from beginning to end. You had to see it.

Itchy: Start Me Up was just beaten like a red-headed step child. It was sad. Sad I say.

Anthony: I couldn't agree with you more. I didn't see the puppy bowl!! It sounds like it was really cute to watch. Maybe they'll have it on next year.

Bill said...

I won $50 in the office pool, so that was good. The reffing was poor. I still hate the Bus... at least that fat f^@k didn't score!!!

fyrchk said...

I only got to see the end of it when I got to the fire station. The first half I was at work.

Randi said...

Was it just me or does Mick mumble? He sounded like me when I kind of just make sounds when I don't know the words to a song but I really can't fight the urge to stop singing.

hotdrwife said...

I wasn't blown away by the half-time show.

I was laughing the hardest after Aaron Neville does some quiet little first part of the Ntl. Anthem and Aretha Franklin blows the roof off the remainder of the song.

Anonymous said...

Since I had to work (which sucked ass hardcore) I am just NOW watching the game on TiVo. What the HELL was that national anthem? Weak ass weak. WEAK!

hotdrwife said...

WEAK is right!!

I realize she's a super crackhead now, but Whitney Houston's rendition is still my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see Janet's nipple again.

Viva La 'Ginas!!!

Bush Wishes,
The Lesbian Mafia - Applauding Wardrobe Malfunctions the World Over!

Miss Sassy said...

It was like the marketing exec for SB 40 decided that it needed to be a throwback to, say, '68.
The anthem was so badly done I barely recognized it, and all the performers looked like they got off the field and back into their hospital beds and IVs.
Ick all over.
Not that NSync, Britney, and Aerosmith was THAT great, but they tried... a little... to be creative.
Stupid all over... and that goes infitismally for the reps and their bad calls on scoring plays.

Mojotek said...

Yeah, it definitely sucked. I thought I was gonna see a few broken hips up there on stage... but alas, neither Mic or Keith slipped.

Amanda said...

There was a football game?? Just kidding...don't throw things! The best thing to do at halftime is leave the room. The entertainment always sucks.

Sassy One said...

I was sure one of those old farts was going to have a tumble and break a hip or some should have switched over to the lingerie bowl...much more entertaining....scantily clad bimbos playing football. Either that of they need to get some REAL entertainment!

pickett said...

Sounded to me like Mic was doing that mumble thing you do when you don't know the words to part of the song. Suck!

What I don't get, is that the folks in the halftime show *read volunteer fans* had to reherse for 7 hours the day before to do what? Jump up and down pretending the entertainment was good?

I get the 40 year anniversary thing and the need for a bit of nostalgia, but really....

And my favorite commercial, the FedEx one where the dinosaur crushed the caveman.

schmims said...

I would have liked the puppy bowl. I love dogs. Glad I didn't see it or I would have probably adopted another and I'm already aproaching humane society status.

schmims said...

You can see clips from the puppy bowl at, click on animal planet.

Odd Mix said...

Thank goodness for TiVo. Watched all the good comercials at least twice (LOVED the FedEx ad with the dinosaurs), skipped all the in depth analysis and raving over how "good" the sucky refs were, and fast forwarded right through halftime. Timed the whole thig so I watched the last 3 minutes in "real time" I am the king of TiVo TV!