Thursday, February 23, 2006

On fiyah!!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most women have days when they're feeling more attractive than others. Regardless of their menstrual status because that time of the month doesn't count. There could be factors such as clothes, hair or make-up that just make you feel like you're a head-turner that particular day. Then other days you feel like something the cat just dragged in. My question here is do men have these days too? Do men ever feel like, "You know, today I could get me some ass without even trying." Of course women don't generally have to try as hard as men to get ass, but that's not what I'm trying to get at.

So men, please tell me if you have days when you're feeling like you're looking better than usual. Or if women know of their significant other having days like this, holla! Thank you.


The chick that sits behind me at work offered CowPig a bite of her lunch and I shot my drink right out of my nose!! I don't think CowPig thought it was funny.

EDIT: I DID NOT STEAL THIS GIRL'S SHIT! I have 2 of my own, thank you very much!!

Deep Throat of the Day: Do we REALLY need arm pits that sweat?


Ron said...

I abolutely have days that I feel like that. There are some times that I think I can conquer the world, and other days when i feel like a fat, nerdy, slob who should never be seen in public.

Don't feel bad. It happens to all of us.

By the way, I will ALWAYS think you're hot. (WINK, WINK)

Grant said...

No, I never have days like that. I'm pretty even keel.

Amanda said...

I can only think of one man who should never a "fat day". He's PERFECT! I'm talking drop dead gorgeous, sweet as can be, smart, funny, and all that other good stuff. He's just...well, PERFECT! And, surprisingly, I don't mean Matthew; however, if he'd lose Penelope, he could be considered for Perfect Man status.

Lisa said...

I will speak for my husband! He always thinks he looks good.

Coley said...

My man-companion (I've always hated the term "boyfriend" for anyone over the age of 18), definitely has days he feels he looks better. He doesn't say anything, but there's definitely a little more swagger and cocky "I know you want me" attitude.

Re: Deep Throat
I'm less annoyed by armpit sweat than the under-breast sweat. That is nasty, and difficult to hide. And my anti-persperant has a warning label that says I can't apply anywhere BUT my armpits. There's just no winning in this situation.

Maine said...

To Coley - I'd recommend baby powder.

As far as having "better looking" days, I can say probably not. I mean, there are tangible differences like how long its been since my last haircut and that sort of thing, but from day one to day two, I look and feel exactly the same.

Although I always feel pretty when I'm getting a blowjob. Does that count?

schmims said...

THK is such a jeans a t-shirt guy that I don't think he even notices what he looks like. He's come over on more than one occasion with blood smeared across his face from knicking himself shaving and he didn't even know it. I wonder if he even owns a mirror.

dukethor said...

Back in my teen years, I had days where I felt like like a total geeky nerd, and then there were others that I didn't fel quite so geeky. After high school, I went thru 2 years of voluntary celibacy, and every day was the same as the rest, no worries at all. Being married kind of has the same effect.

Itchy said...

This is probably classified as TMI...but I rarely sweat in my pits. When I was "younger" ( I'm so old now) I didn't sweat at all...anywhere. I was as dry as a bone...whatever that means, I've seen wet bones...I think...anyway, I rarely sweat in my pit region. And now you know.

And I have known guys who felt that they looked pretty damn good everyday, so everday was just the same as the other. I have known other guys who gave their appearance 0% thought. And I have known guys who were cute as a button and thought they were, I'm going out on my own limb and say that some guys are just like us girls. I know...shocking...but that's been my experience on that subject.

A.J. said...

First off, Three cheers to Maine!

I've never really had days that I felt I looked any better than others. Granted, I usually think I look like the love child of George Costanza and Drew Carey, but that's my own issue. However, I do have days when I feel great, when I'm just "on". It might be alcohol related, but I'm not sure.

Randi said...

I almost sent you that link but though it might have been "insensitive." Guess not.
As for women not having to try hard to get ass, says who? It's been too long for me and the pickins is slim.

april said...

Ron: Thank you (wink wink)

Grant: If only I could feel good looking every day.

Amanda: He does need to lose Penelope, doesn't he?

Lisa: So does my husband. Thank god he has a wife who knows how to dress him.

Coley: Boob sweat does suck.

Maine: No, that does not count.

Schmims: Question is, does he look in the mirror?

Dukethor: 2 years of celibacy and you weren't all ready married? That's talent right there.

Itchy: Not TMI at all! Mrs. Dry Bones.

AJ: The love child of Castanza and Carey...HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAA!!

Randi: I'm not insensitive at all. It really takes A LOT for me to be offended. And with as much as I joke about my leg, you should know better!! Sily girl.

Sassy One said...

Armpits are pointless...just like nipples on guys!

Kira said...

Alex pretty much never feels attractive because he weighs more than three pounds. I'm not even being a smart ass here...French men are supposed to be rail thin, and that's not his body type, so he can't get over that feeling that he's too big to be sexy. That remains the case even when I lick him from head to toe and suck him dry and pant about how he's the hottest thing God ever created. Then he just says I'm blind and flushes. Yup, it's like dealing with a chick! Part of the problem too is that he's totally oblivious when some girl DOES hit on him. I've seen it happen in the past and poof, he just doesn't get it, so he thinks nobody wants him...when they do...but the girl would have to strip nude, slide on his lap and scream, FUCK ME, FRENCHIE! for him to get the big picture, ya know?

Kira said...

...oh, and I'm saying "no comment" to you before you ask, "Well, Kira, is that what you did to get his attention?" haha!

JJ said...

I definitely look better some days... My hair's a total fiasco right now, so when it's behaving properly, I feel like I'm doing all right.

Dark Damian said...

You know you stole that girl's legs. That's some wrong-ass shit, too.

And for the record, I look good *every* day.

Mojotek said...

I guess I do have days like that... most of them I'm thinking "damn, I could bang any chick I wanted to today". And then on the other days its more like "I don't think my hand even wants a piece of this..."