Monday, March 20, 2006

Thank you, Freak!

So I was playing around on the computer this weekend and I came across a few myspace profiles of some girls that I went to high school with. None of them were what I would call my close friends, but there were 3 who I ended up working with at Outback after graduation. We ended up becoming really good friends. I suppose once you're out of the high school setting, being friends with people not in your "click" is ok. Anyway all of the pictures were of them having all kinds of fun, drinking, partying, dancing, and hanging out on the beach. To be honest, I got a little depressed.

I know that I'm a parent and a wife and I wouldn't trade my life now for anything in the world. Well not the being a parent aspect, anyway. I realize that I'm almost 30 (it hurt me just to write that) and I'm handling my responsibilities as I should be. HOWEVER, damn them for looking like they're having so much fun!!! Those bitches.

I know the grass is greener, blah, blah, blah. Maybe they're envious of my "settled down" lifestyle? Maybe they're not. Maybe they're just having the time of their lives making fun filled memories with friends and meeting hot guys? Maybe they're out acting like a bunch of hoochies, making bad names for themselves around town? The possibilities are endless for them since they have no children or husbands. Damn them bitches.

I will tell you this, if I had one night out on the town like that, I'd be out of commission for at least a week and divorced. And that's all I'm saying about that.


The Cowboys signed T.O. and I'm just baffled. I hope Roy Williams fucks him up. And that's all I'm saying about that too.

Deep Throat of the Day: T.O. is a COWBOY???????


Maine said...

Single people tend to be lonely and insecure.

Sure, it's fun when you're drinking, dancing and partying, but when it's quiet and you're home alone, you wonder what the hell is wrong with you all day. I wouldn't go back to that shit if you paid me.

Lunachicknyc said...

Hi here's the other side...
I'm almost 30 and I'm single and it sucks - the drinking and partying don't go oon forever - especially when slowly but surely each of your partners in crime get married/ have kids. Being the cheese standing alone is not fun at all

schmims said...

wait til you read my post this afternoon on Marit and my conversation yesterday morning.

fyrchk said...

Ummm...try 31 and single. Yeah, you know me. (Why was I just singing, OPP in my head? I don't do that kind of stuff. Well, not that I admit to anyway.)

Anyway, everyone always wants what they don't have. Like right now...I don't have an Ipod. See how it all works?

Itchy said...

I have this thought in my head every so often when I'm just having a really, boring day of doing nothing. And then I really think back to the hangovers, the embarrassment of what I may have done or said the night before, wondering where I am (kidding...maybe) and I realize that I wouldn't change one thing about my life now. Sure I had fun then...but you know what? I have fun now. It's just different fun. And I always know where I am!

Ron said...

One night out late and it takes us three days to recover. Definitely not the partiers we used to be... I agree with you April.

By the way...T.O.? What a pompous ass. I hope he gets fucked up BIG time this fall.

Amanda said...

Lunachicknyc is absolutely right. Being single sucks. Of course, looking at my previous relationships, they sucked too. Are we sure this green stuff is grass?

Kira said...

Well, you know, either state can be hell if you let it. Marriage was enjoyable at first, and then he became a shit after we had baby number two. So, the married and at home life reeked. Then I left that situation, and damn it was the lovely sensation of stopping banging my head against a wall. Relief! Did I enjoy very much being FREE and having a few nights here and there where the kids were at the ex's house while I went wild? Yes. Did it get old? Yes. Am I glad to be back to being old and settled down? Yes.

What makes the difference...the man you're settled down with. That makes it way more appealing than the other lifestyle...IF it's the right guy. That's all I'm sayin'. *coughcoughcough* ;)

A.J. said...

Hmmmmmm. I'm 33, single, and not terribly unhappy about it. Soup for one, steak for one, wine for three.

Sure there are things missing, but I like to focus on what I have which, now I'M kinda depressed.

anthony said...

sometimes you just grow up. i am 32 and alot of co-workers and a few friends are younger who go out friday and saturday to drink their life away and spend all of sunday sleeping trying to recover.
i didn't really do that when i was younger (more sports oriented and keeping myself in shape) and as said by itchy i like remembering where i am and what i might have done the previous night.
April i also have a myspace account if you are interested you can check it out. i don't have much stuff on there but it's

april said...

Maine: You know, I've never ever lived all by myself. Never. I've always had someone whether it be my dad, my boyfriends, my friends, or my son. I can only imagine how lonely it would be to live by myself.

Lunachicknyc: I guess when you put it like that, it doesn't sound to appealing.

Schmims: I read it, ya old fuddy duddy!!

Fyrchk: Thank you for the clarity!!!

Itchy: You're SOOOOO not kidding, ya hooch!!!

Ron: I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't handle alcohol without being out of commission for a few days.

Amanda: I suppose it depends on who we're asking. The green stuff could be a number of things......

Kira: You're always the voice of reason. ALWAYS!! And I KNOW about the *coughing* dammit!! =)

A.j.: Have wine for 4, you'll feel better.

Anthony: I know that I wouldn't be happier like that, but I do miss not having anyone to answer to every now and then. Ya know? Also, since I can't check out your myspace at work, you can look at mine if you'd like.

anthony said...

April we are in the same boat i have to check when i get home..i get the "block" @ work.

april said...

Our damn places of employment, actually expecting us to work and shit!!!! =)

nicole said...

HAHA! I'm cracking up at the "leave your shit here" line. Good stuff. And thanks for commenting on my blog! :)

Randi said...

Looks like T.O. will be in Oxnard with the Cowboys soon. They're training camp is literally walking distance from my house.

hotdrwife said...

I agree w/ Fyr - everybody wants what they don't have.

But, I did run across a Myspace profile of a girl I used to go to h.s. with. I hated her then, I hate her now.

If you want to feel good about yourself, I'll send you the link. Jesus H Christ on a bicycle.


Sassy One said...

It always looks better on the other side...Im in limbo in the inbetween stage. I think I envy you!

Miss Sassy said...

I KNOW you've read my blog.
Do you really think being 20something and single is any more fun??
I agree with all the commenters that the drinking rips up your body and the scene gets old... there are surely advantages, but don't waste your time thinking someone else's shoes are any better than yours.

Besides, I bet you've got so rad pics of you and the fam that would make those hussies just as jealous =)

hotdrwife said...

I emailed you the link. Let me know when your you-know-what has stopped retreating into your body cavity.

NWJR said...

Yeah, well, I'm separated, so technically I'm single and married at the same time! What the HELL is that all about? It's either the best or worst of both worlds. Haven't figured out which side has the green grass yet. Then again, it's still winter, so the grass hasn't started growing yet. I'll let you know.

It's strange to go out's been years since I've been the single guy, and I have no idea how to behave. Or misbehave. Or something.

I'll shut up now, before I get myself in trouble.

Lisa said...

I feel ya on this one. I am going to be a bridesmaid (aren't I to old for that shit?) in a wedding in June. As a matter of fact there are going to be 10 bridesmaids. Anywho, the brides mother is considering flying everyone to VEGAS for a weekend of pre wedding partay. My husband got this real funny look on his face and politely ask "flying who to Vegas". Of course I WILL be going if I am handed a ticket. Although I am a little worried about hangin' with the partying schedule. I've been to Vegas and I was a lot younger and could drink a lot more and I am not in as good of shape anymore!?!?!

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