Thursday, March 23, 2006

Word Association with Maine

Maine: Hippie
me: flowers
Maine: Crack
me: head
Maine: Titty
me: nipple
Maine: Kick
me: ass
Maine: Monkey
me: balls
Maine: Warrior
me: sword
Maine: Anus
me: sex
Maine: Sex
me: love
Maine: Nut
me: mouth
Maine: Gargle
me: wash
Maine: Fist
me: anus
Maine: Lesbian
me: sexy
Maine: Cunt
me: grand­moth­er
Maine: hahahaha
me: hee hee
Maine: Idiot
me: I am
Maine: Dirty
me: south
Maine: Virginia
me: sucks
Maine: Florida
me: hot
Maine: Blog
me: writing
Maine: Taint
me: 'tis
Maine: Packers
me: Favre
Maine: Slave
me: sex
Maine: Whore
me: porn
Maine: Snuff
me: dis­gust­ing
Maine: Cock
me: balls
Maine: Balls
me: lick
Maine: Pubes
me: short
Maine: Sonya
me: wins
Maine: Fucking
me: good
Maine: Race
me: rat
Maine: Money
me: shot
Maine: Crime
me: rate
Maine: Rape
me: horny
Maine: Drive
Maine: Pig
me: Cow
Maine: Fight
me: Club
Maine: Jolie
me: love to lick
Maine: Finger
me: foods
Maine: Hood
me: clit
Maine: Jenna
me: jamison
Maine: Video
me: home
Maine: Webcam
me: I cannot think of ANYTHING
Maine: good

Psychoanalyze THAT!!!

Deep Throat of the Day: What's the first word that comes to your mind regarding Webcam?


Ev said...


Itchy said...


hotdrwife said...


Coodence said...

Regarding webcam: Ugly

But the funniest thing of my day so far is this:

Maine: Sonya
me: wins

Sonya Wins!!

Grant said...

Webcam = ball. The first time I saw a webcam advertised, it had a program running where you could stand in front of the monitor and watch yourself as a big red ball bounced around the screen. The ball responded when you batted it in a different direction.

april said...

Ev: Sounds like a good story behind that......

Itchy: precisely why I do not own one.

Hottie: How did I know that you were going to say that?

Coodence: I played Mortal Combat all of the time!

april said...

Grant: I never saw that advertisement.

Ev said...

Remember Johnny Kage's ball punch? That was fucking awesome.

Doin' the splits and punching people in the balls is so fucking cool.

Coley said...

re: webcam
Oddly enough, more than one word: wish I had one.

Damn, does speak volumes though, doesn't it?

Alicat said...

frat guy's internet porn

A.J. said...

felony conviction

LunaChickNYC said...

Funny when you say cunt my first response was also grandmother

Frankie B said...

You are both sexually friggin nuts and when are you gonna IM me

NWJR said...

Webcam: Exhibitionist

juicya said...

webcam: no!

[ I useda constantly have people ask me to show my bits when i had the camera set much so that i stopped using it cuz it made me mad)

april said...

Ev: I do not remember that, but it does sound cool!!

Coley: Yes it does.

Alicat: Now you've got me lusting over frat guys. =)

A.J.: Pedophile?

Luna: The story behind that is that's what I called my husbands grandmother last night. =)

Frankie: I can't speak for Maine, but I most certainly am.

NWJR: You are??

Juicya: I've never owned one, but that would piss me off too.

JJ said...



The Lily said...

"Maine: Taint
me: 'tis"


Kira said...

April: Webcam
Me: laughing

Don't ask :)

So, April...we learned from the word association that you think of sex as much as a guy would. Oh wait! We already knew that. Never mind! haha!

schmims said...


I know that's three words but I seriously don't get why people would want to sit in front of a computer and talk to other people who are sitting in front of their computers. Why not just head to the bar for a beer?

april said...

JJ: Oh really........

Kira: *hanging my head in shame*

Schmims: You make a very good point.

Dark Damian said...

Webcam: Snaggle-toothed, 250 lb acne-covered heiffer with a cleft palette. Oh wait, that was more than one word. My bad.

hotdrwife said...

I'd head to the bar with my friends I talk to on the webcam if I could - but they all live on opposite ends of the planet it seems. I'd much rather see them in person, though!

I talked to one friend while he was in India. It was awesome.

Of course, not NAKED in front of them ... but you know.

Jolie said...

Hi, I'm here from Laurie's blog. Can not answer the webcam thingie as I'm still a little shaken by the Jolie/love to lick damn! I'm liking your blog!

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