Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My story

JJ from The Churning decided that he was going to have a puke week on his site. Now I know that this probably sounds gross and you're probably thinking, "What the fuck is a puke week?" But it's really a great idea. He requested that his readers submit their best puke story. I submitted mine and JJ has it posted here.

If these sort of stories don't gross you out, you should read the others because they're all pretty funny.

In other news, my new thongs are making my pretty kitty sore. Let's just say the seam is in a bad place.

Deep Throat of the Day: Who puts a seam in the fucking crotch??


Ashburnite said...

who puts a seam in the crotch? fucking men, that's who. Sorry, I'm on a man-hating kick today.

Itchy said...

The seams kill me. However...if in just the right can be OK. That's all I'll say about that. :P

And your puke story cracked me up. Way better than the ones I was going to submit.

Bill said...

I am sure it was the French. They have naming rights on that tickler.

Puke and sex, they do go together at times.

NWJR said...

True story:

Levi's Jeans have copper rivets in various locations around the jeans for added durability at strategic stress points. They USED to have a copper rivet right below the zipper, where the legs of the pants meet just below the crotch line.

That rivet was eliminated, the story goes, after Levi Strauss himself was wearing a pair, and crouched near a campfire one evening.

When he stood up, he discovered the hard way that copper conducts heat.

Anonymous said...

I need to see a pic of these thongs... to examine them.

Mojotek said...

A seam in the middle??? Hmmm... seems like the crotchless kind would be the only ones that could have a seam there. And even then, the seam would be length-wise (from pubic bone to butthole), as opposed to right across your pretty kitty.

It must have been some insensitive man who designed that particular line. I know would have at least had the fortitude to make sure that the wearers of my particular line of things had comfortable kitties. :)

fyrchk said...

Why are you wearing underwear?

Randi said...

I totally left my boot story in his comments. I published myself cuz I don't play by the rules. Sucka.

Sassy One said...

Get the crotchless kind then. Problem solved!
I once had a pair with this fine lace detail, it chaifed my ass bad!
I wish I had a good puke story tho to post, but I just dont puke! Many have tried, but all have failed. I even kicked Mr. Tequila's ass!

Lisa said...


I must think about this topic! I liked your sex stories a helluva lot better! Lets do that one agian.

OKAY, One time at Band Camp.......

hotdrwife said...

Piss off. I just typed up a long ass comment and it kicked me off. Fucking blogger.

Seams = bad
PUke stories = worse at 7 a.m.
Me = hopefully out in August


Rumblin Durango said...

Ok, so now I'm thinking of Pretty Kitties... what the fuck? I don't even LIKE cats!