Thursday, October 26, 2006

She can't be serious

I called Sprint today to make a payment and this is how the conversation went.

Me: Hi, I'd like to make a payment please.
Dip Shit: Sure, can I please verify your address?
Me: Of course, it's P.O. Box *******.
Dip Shit: Ok, is that your physical address?
Me: Are you serious?
Dip Shit: What do you mean?
Me: You can't seriously think that I physically LIVE in a post office box?
Dip Shit: OHHHHH, so that's what a P.O. box is. It's one of those little boxes that people use a key to get their mail from, right?
Me: Um, yup. That'd be what it is.
Dip Shit: I never knew that until now.

WOOOOOOOOOOW!! That shit is unbelievable. Needless to say I was slightly irritated. This is what I look like irritated. (the pic was taken at Ethan's football game)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. Especially knowing that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

Deep Throat of the Day: How do people like her get through life?


Itchy said...

You look nice when you're irritated.

Rumblin Durango said...

Yer just a petite lil' one, aren't you April? You could fit in a PO Box... ;)

Amanda said...

I love stupid people just for their entertainment value.

The Lily said...

they get through life because other people continually have to clean up after them. ALWAYS.

Randi said...

You're so pretty. Just when you think people can't get any dumber...

Anonymous said...

1) Sprint is stupid.
2) You're hott.
3) Go Ethan's football team.

art said...

You're kind of sexy all irritated and shit. Since you're single how do you feel about a well endowed single guy moving into that P.O. box of your's with you? In time, if we save, we could maybe move up from the P.O. box to a drawer or even, if we work really hard at our dreams, a safe. What do you say?

Anonymous said...

I wish I could see your pic, but my work server blocks hotness I guess.

judyboody said...

Fuck Big Ben, bad farts and Sprint.....I wanna know what happened at the DUI hearing!

luv ya!

PS - I can personally vouch for the fact that she is freakin gorgeous. But I think my own farts are stinkier. Just my opinion. We've never had a contest or anything.
PPS - I don't know the Sprint person but I do believe she is the same woman who called us last Saturday and wanted the pediatrician to PERSONALLY return her call in 15 minutes to tell her exactly which formula to use for her baby......which is not even due until mid-November. She's foreign....comes from Dumassia. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your anger is a turn on. WHOA baby. Let me be your space cowboy.

mojotek said...

Not bad for an irritated look. :)

But seriously, she really didn't know? Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

Damn. Why you gotta look all hot & shit? ;)

Kris said...

awww *tear* for the chick from the short bus.


J R Estelle said...

What's funny is that she didn't even stop to think about answering when you asked "do you think I physically live in a post office box."