Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Ethan's last football game was Saturday and they won!! Considering that they hadn't won a single game, it was a nice way to end the season. Ethan made 2 sacks which was awesome. Even though he plays safety and that position is not supposed to be tackling the quarterback, the coaches and I were very proud of him.

The woman I was living with turned out to be a psychotic coke whore. Needless to say, we're not living there anymore. How is it that I manage to find the most fucked up people in the world?

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their hump day!! (I thought today was Wednesday. I'm an idiot, I know.)

Deep Throat of the Day: Why do most of my hits come from people searching for the word cleavage in Google?


Maine said...

But, really, are there any NON-psychotic coke whores? There's something about coke-whoring that's just outside of the scope of normal behavior.

I'm glad Ethan's team won, although I do have to (as I am a smart ass) point out that safeties can get sacks. A lot of times, when the defense anticipates a run, they call the "safety sneak" where the safety pulls up to the line as the count begins, then dives in to try to stop the run in the backfield. Problem is that if the QB ends up going for a pass play instead, sometimes it turns into a sack. Ronnie Lott used to do that a bunch.

Dark Damian said...

Ape, I'm glad you aren't living there anymore. She was crazy with a capital insane.

Coley said...

Mmmmm, psychotic coke whores. Who DOESN'T want to live with one of those? Oh yeah, normal people. Sheesh, I think the answer is to leave the backwoods and head somewhere less....redneck (if I may).
As for Cleavage, I can't think of a better word to describe your entire life. boobies. Excellent.

Randi said...

Once I lived w/ a guy that shot porn in our living room. His wife never mentioned that when she offered me a room to rent...
Hope you find a better pad!

Anonymous said...

I swear you are me, except prettier. I attract the nutjobs too. They love me.

The other day I got a hit from someone searching for "peeing on my aunt with a crowbar". I'm assuming that he wanted to have the crowbar in his hand and not have the crowbar peeing, but what do I know.

:) said...

Because everyone loves cleavage.

Miss Sassy said...

Unreal. I was thinking it was Wednesday too!! Then again, maybe its because I revolved the day around the hump.

I think I'll crash a kids football game and cheer for whichever one runs like a crab, just because it sounds like fun to watch the wee ones in the outfits =)

NWJR said...

Maybe "psychotic coke whore" will be the new "cleavage".

Kira said...

...because April MEANS beautiful cleavage in at least three different languages?

I have had awful luck with roommates. That's why I have a firm rule: if it is not fucking me or I have not given birth to it, it does not live with me.

Ev said...

Probably because you've talked about cleavage on your site at some point or another.

All of us talking about it in these comments, now further implicates "Captain and a Coke with a Lime" into the Booble searches.

Just as an FYI, we are talking about VA, and I don't know if you know this or not, but VA is full of crazy motherfuckers.

Bill said...

i could say breats, or I could say boobs, I might even look at some cleavage... just wanted to be included in the mammary fun.

:) said...

You get hit on because you are a pretty young woman with a great smile that deserves a better hand than what she has been dealt so far.

Somewhere in Milwaukee.

mojotek said...

Let's see:
Football... check.
Coke whore... check.
Humping... check.
Cleavage... check.

OK, you can carry on.

Amanda said...

You can come live in South Carolina. We have a lot of psychotic coke whores and the male population is worthless, but the state does have its two priceless treasures: me and Kira!!

On second thought, the three of us in one state might be illegal. ;)

Anonymous said...

That's totally freaky.. Google cleavage is exactly how I got here. I guess depending on your annoninimity feelings (which if you have a blog I guess you are pretty open anyway) Google cleavage is good right? I mean, I we would never have found you and your fucked up world with out them. So blessed be your cleavage (.)(.) !!!

-Not so old, not so horny, just an internet curious freak like us all.

Here's the link I followed and then just got curious about you and your random internet thoughts:
Your boobs?

Anonymous said...

"Guilty your honor"

What can I say in my defence; I am male...and your blog kept my interest a lot longer than anything else I have Googled under "cleavage".

PS: And you have got great cleavage......!!!!!!!!