Thursday, November 30, 2006

My boy rocks

Yesterday my cell phone rang and it was one of the cafeteria ladies at Ethan's school. She asked me if I was aware that I owed them $14. I asked for what because Ethan packs his lunch every day. She said that he's been eating breakfast there just about every day since the 6th of this month. WHAT??? I feed Ethan breakfast EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. Without fail. So basically, Ethan was eating his breakfast at home, then going to school and eating another breakfast without paying for it. I really must have looked like a shitty mother to this lady. But once I explained the situation she found it to be comical. The funniest part was when she would ask Ethan for money he would say, "Just charge it to my account."

Gotta love my boy. I tell ya.

Hope y'all are having a great week!!

Deep Throat of the Day: I haven't pooped since Sunday.


Bill said...

either you haven't ate much or it hurts like hell. Try fruit juices, or screw drivers, they helped me when I had a couple days of constipation.

The Lily said...


My mom pushed that on me after my knee surgery because apparently the pain killers make you not go.

I couldn't drink it. It was nasty. I didn't go.

Anonymous said...

Eat some raisins. I swear a box a day will keep you regular forever.

Dark Damian said...

Your comment tag line reads "Leave your shit here", which I find utterly ironic and comical given your lack of booty duty. And for YOU not to lay brown pipe in 4 days is amazing. Go to Golden Corral (if you have those there). Anything you order there will have you hitting the restroom before you even finish dessert.

And Ethan sounds a LOT like my 7YO.

Anonymous said...

Eat more fiber, eat more fruit and veggies.

Somewhere in Milwaukee.

Randi said...

Where do kids learn this shit? LOL

js said...

i have no help for your non-poopiness cause im regular always
Ethan Rocks~!
atta boy

Amanda said...

Ethan has to be the smartest kid in his class!

Kira said...

I bet you the ex's uncle would be happy to give you an enema if you like, April!

(please don't smack me for saying that...hahahaha!)

As far as Ethan goes, well, he's a growing boy! I will never forget my brothers when they went through growth spurts. Basically, I'm not even exaggerating when I say that they'd "volunteer" to carry in the groceries and one bag would have been emptied by the time they were done.

Miss Sassy said...

I admit I don't have time to get to know all the bloggers I'd like, but to hear DD has a 7yo gave me instant shock.
I have no doubt his kid would come up with something like that, and not at ALL surprised Ethan did!

I'm with Bill - any night of drinking should move things right along. Sunday? Don't worry about the alcohol calories, you'll still loose a few pounds ;)

NWJR said...

Can I charge my breakfast on your account, too?

Judy Boody said...

Is my April becoming.....dare I even say it.....ANAL RETENTIVE????

Ok, I recently found out that canned catfood gives Freckles (the 16 yr old cat) diarrhea. So I would suggest 9 Lives Tuna & Salmon to move things along. Even if it doesn't make you shit, your coat will be shiny and you'll have better night vision.

Luv ya!

Dark Damian said...

Sassy, I have TWO kids, both boys, one 7 and one soon to be 4.

I kick ass as a dad.

Anonymous said...

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Dark Damian said...

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