Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh come all ye unfaithful

Believe it or not, I went to church on Sunday. And yes, I managed not to burst into flames when I walked through the door. Ethan's actually been going every Sunday now for quite a while and he really enjoys it. Well Sunday he was one of the shepherds in a play that his church was putting on.

The pictures aren't too clear, but you can still tell what a cutie pie he is. On both sides of him are my little sisters.

What I don't have is a picture of the 3 y/o little girl who played Mary. She was holding a baby doll which was supposed to be Jesus. Her only task was to lay baby Jesus down into this rectangular, wooden box filled with hay. Only she didn't lay him down, she slammed dunked him into that bitch like she was Carmelo Anthony. Not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!! It was the funniest thing ever. After she'd throw him in there, she'd raise up her arms and clap above her head while saying, "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!" All of us in there about died laughing.

But the best moment of the evening was when *someone's* dumb ass forgot to turn off her cell. During a quiet moment Snoop Dog busted out with, "When the pimp's in the crib ma, drop it like it's hot." Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's worse than letting out a fart in church.

Afterwards the church people had snacks down in the basement. This is me and Ethan stuffing our faces with homemade cookies.

Ethan was also given a gift for participating in the play. His very own nativity set, which are like little G.I. Joe's but more holy. WOW!! Who gives this as a gift to an 8 y/o? When this person was shopping for these gifts, did they actually look at that and say, "Awww, I bet the kids would LOVE to play with one of these." I bet you're wondering what Ethan thought about it? Well on the car ride home he asked, "Can I use these as targets to practice with my new paint ball gun?" Don't worry, I told him no. It's better to use the cats instead because they're moving targets. JUST KIDDING!!

Deep Throat of the Day: I have a lunch date today with a very cute patient. =)


Coley said...

Well played April! Last time I ventured into a church, the sidewalk outside cracked. Seriously.

But that kid of yours is too cute for words. Nice work with the genetics there!

Randi said...

I hope your lunch date turns into a nooner!!!
And your church stories remind me why I don't go but you've got yourself a cute little shepherd boy fo' sho'.

Anonymous said...

HOW FREAKING CUTE are you two?!?!

Amanda said...

I may need prayers as I venture into church on Christmas Eve. Then again, we may need to save them for the first old bitty to ask me why I haven't been in a while.

Ethan's gonna be so cute with Ari!!

NWJR said...

Tell him that's what squirrels are for.

vincentblackshadow said...

You have been tagged, in the politest way possible to carry on a meme, sorry. And I am interested in your answers, well fairly interested anyway, no seriously. But there's no pressure, just ignore, your better off ignoring it really, wish I had then I wouldn't be rambling on like this. Sorry again.

schmims said...

You are one red hot momma girl!

js said...

that is a good lookin dude there for sure
and your ummmmm smokin hot!
too funny about the cell phone, who would have that as their ring tone anyway???
never shoot cats with a paintball gun, they continue to live if you do that please buy him something leathal for cat shooting!
My lil guy is 3 he was a donkey in the play a role that definately suited him to a T
ole js

Anonymous said...

Cute young man, pretty woman.

Sexy in Milwaukee.

martinoffroad said...

Wow...perfect teeth, very attractive.

Kira said...

Your son looks perfect to be on Ariana's arm on their wedding day years from now! I'm visualizing the cheesehead, and it's working for me :)