Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stolen from a bunch of people

Deep Throat of the Day: A 19 y/o WVU boy sent me a message on myspace telling me that he's looking for an "older" woman because he's tired of all the immature college girls and I'm exactly what he's looking for. I find that very funny.


Dark Damian said...

Clockwise, from the top:
Jessica Biel - OK, good choice.
Gwen Stefani - Hot chick with bad, bad music. A push.
Patricia Velasquez - She looks sorta like a man in that pic, whoever she is. Bad Collage!
Fiona Apple - No. You do NOT look like a crazy bitch.
Norkys Batista - No idea who she is, but daddy likey. Score.
Lara Flynn Boyle - They are on that GOOD crack. No way.
Lucy Liu - I'm sorry, I was distracted by Lucy Liu. A+.
Angelina Jolie - Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm. The good side of "crazy". Good match.
Chick in the middle - Word. That's the real deal, right there.

My name here said...

You have them all beat, but then I'm cRaZY for you. will never happen. Muahh.

Somewhere out there.

NWJR said...

I've been smitten with Lara Flynn Boyle since her "Twin Peaks" days. And Fiona Apple is just, well...let's just say she's the only skinny chick I've ever wanted to drizzle with chocolate.

That was waaaay TMI, wasn't it?


april said...

DD: I just about had a heart attack when Angelina was a match. Although I don't think that I resemble her in any way. Well maybe our boobs are similar, but other than that, nothing.

Your Name Here: Do I know you? If so can I have a clue as to who you are?

NWJR: Drizzle with chocolate?? Wow that sounds delightful. I might have to try that sometime.

js said...


i did that and tried 3 different pics and they would show some folks that didnt look like me at all
the one that always came up was tim mcgraw, im hopin i dont look like his scrawney ass

Randi said...

You are so gorgeous I can see why the younguns are after you.

Macca said...

What Randi said.

Coley said...

Good lord with the hotness. I'm terrified to try that out for fear it would match me with Kathy Bates, or worse yet, Steve Buscemi. Irrational? Yes. But we can't all be as gorgeous as April.
(So, a little awkward on the lady crush? Sorry)

mojotek said...

If you just 'meshed' the picture of Jessica Beil and Norkys Batista you'd have a picture of you!

Kira said...

Hey, don't knock the WVU boy! Younger men can be a hell of a lot of fun *cough* :) The age difference is the same between Alex and I: nine years.

hotdrwife said...

You are beeeeeeeeeautiful!

My name here. said...

Yes you are beautiful. I would bow in your presence.

Somewhere in Milwaukee.

Amanda said...

younger men are fun...and trainable! but honestly, i know you'd prefer cookies!

Rumblin Durango said...

Her TRUE Identity... :)

~ Rick