Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ambition, or lack thereof

During your first month at a new job, aren't you trying your best to impress everyone, learn how things are done as quickly as possible, and make the least amount of errors you can? Ok, so at least that's what I (try to) do. Well apparently that's not so for the new girl we've hired to be the receptionist.

I honestly try my best to be patient and thorough when training this girl, but when she's looking me in the eyes and I know she's not listening to a damn word I'm saying, I can't help but want to take my leg off and beat her over the fucking head with it!!

I don't expect anyone to learn everything the first time I tell them how to do it, but I do expect SOME retention. Who wants to have to keep telling someone over and over how to do the same things AND have to keep telling her what to do when there's a list of shit in front of her? I feel like I'm talking to my 9 y/o son half the time and even he listens better than she does. She shows no initiative, she doesn't show any desire to want to do things correctly and efficiently, and already in her first 2 weeks I've caught her in a chat room when there's a pile of shit to do in front of her. We all play around on the internet at work, but we all get our jobs done too.

Not only that, but her and I have the same drive into work and one morning she was late, claiming the traffic was bad. Well I just drove on the same damn road that she did and it was not bad at all. THEN she was a half an hour late coming back from lunch and said her battery died and she needed a jump. Well if that's the case, that's fine but CALL YOUR JOB and let a bitch know what's going on!!! That's only the responsible thing to do, asshole!!

UUGGGGHHHH!! Since she has not sold herself, she will be getting replaced. Soon. Very very soon.

Anyway, Ethan turned 9 on 7/7/07. He's half way to legally being an adult now and that thought makes me sad.

I hope y'all have been doing fantabulous!

Deep Throat of the Day: If I beat someone with my leg, is that considered using a weapon?


Randi said...

"take my leg off and beat her over the fucking head with it!!"
How dope is it that you can threaten someone like that? hehe

My folks' anniversary is on 7/7! Happy belated birthday, Ethan!

NWJR said...

Don't you hate being the responsible one? Does it scare you when YOU ARE the responsible one?

I hate training people for the very same reason. I start questioning myself and wondering if my standards are too high. Then I look at my standars and laugh...nah. It's them.

Jim McKee said...

For some reason, I am reminded of The Terminator...

Carmel Beauty said...

Girl I think all jobs have there problems at mine I am the admin and I am doing everybody work but only getting paid for mine At this point I am ready to naw my leg off and beat somebody with it

J R Estelle said...

Naw, it's not a crime it's comedic at best and I'd totally watch.

Amanda said...

I say go for it! If she's not smart enough to come up with a good lie for being late, she deserves a beating.

jsull28fl@yaho said...

I'd pay good money, at least $11.00 or so to se you whoop someone over the head with your leg.
Damn if u'd film that you could prolly peddle it on the internet and retire, hell if you and her both were scantily clad or partially clothed then I'm positive you could retire!
just tryin to hook a crackette up!

mojotek said...

I hate shmarmy people that don't have an ounce of ambition or work ethic. Hopefully you can replace her with someone that's worth it quickly.

If your leg just "happened" to fall off and into your hand, then who's to say you meant to use it as a weapon?