Wednesday, August 15, 2007


WOW!! 76 VOTES! Thank you for participating. That's awesome.

So like 75% of you!! I too pee in the shower. I asked this question because I was talking with a friend about something and somehow the conversation about peeing in shower was brought up. I told him that if I gotta go after I get in, I'm not getting out and drying off just to pee. He thought that was the grossest thing and asked me to please not pee in his shower. I laughed....he didn't think it was funny. Oh well.
(I will still pee in his shower if I have to go)

Anyway, I gotta get back to work or I'd write more. Y'all have a great day!!

Deep Throat of the Day: Why wouldn't you pee in the shower?


Jeannie said...

I had never peed in the shower until I read someones blog saying "Why not? The drain goes the same place as the toilet's"

I too thought it gross before that and would dry off to pee.

Anonymous said...

If he thinks it's gross for you to pee in his shower, and you laugh it off... me thinks there might be issues in this relationship in the future. Has he seen you shit with the door open yet?

april said...

Yes he's seen me shit before, and change my tampon too. I guess to him peeing in the shower is just one of those "things" that some people have and if it truly bothered him THAT bad, I wouldn't do it. But during the conversation, he didn't seem really serious about it and it hasn't been brought up since. But thanks for the concern, man. I appreciate it.

mojotek said...

Peeing in the shower: No big deal.

Peeing with the door open: Kind of annoying because my girlfriend does it all the time.

Pooping with the door open: There are some things that should just be private.

jsul28fl@yaho said...

I can only think of one reason not to pee inthe shower.
Say I was in there with 9 girls. Now with 9 girls I probably couldn't pee (between innings of course) without geting it on someone and they might not appreciate it and get out, now we couldn't have that could we?

The Lily said...

Now, mind you I don't make a practice of it, but if I am there am not getting out to go. But then again, I'm lazy like that.

Anonymous said...

i'm 100% with mojotek on this one.

Jim McKee said...

Cuz the other guys on the baseball team get weirded out.