Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just Blahhhhh.

There is a massage therapist, Sue, who works in our office. Although she basically rents space, we still do all of her scheduling, check-in and check-out. Anyway, there's this guy, Chris, who just recently started to get massages from her but is not a patient of the doctor. Chris is a very straight-forward, somewhat arrogant kind of man who always comes in chewing gum with his mouth wide open, chomping with the most obnoxious sound EVER. Yesterday, Chris came in after my lunch break and this is how the conversation went.....

Me: "Hey Chris. How's it going? I didn't see you on Sue's schedule today."
Chris: "That's because I'm not here to see Sue, I'm here to see you."
Me: "Well I don't give massages, silly." (then I laughed because that was supposed to be funny.)
Chris: "Actually, I wanted to see if I could take you out to dinner, or for a cup of coffee."
Me: "Oh, ummm, well I'm flattered, but I'm actually seeing someone. I appreciate the offer though."
Chris: "It's just dinner. Is your boyfriend that controlling that you can't have dinner with a friend?"
Me: "Friend? Forgive me, but I don't consider you a friend, and you're intentions when asking me to dinner are not those of a friend."
Chris: "Don't you find me attractive? The looks you give me say you do, that's why I asked?"
Me: "I've not given you any different looks than I give any other patient that walks in here. You've misconstrued my friendliness to be something that it's not."
Chris: "It's because I'm too old isn't it?" (he's 55 and I'm 29)
Me: "You're too old, too cocky, too pushy, and the way you chew gum is too damn annoying. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm at work. Therefore I have work to do."
Chris: "And you're a bitch."

Then he left. Maybe I was a little harsh with him, but there's no need to keep on after I told him I was seeing someone. I wasn't mean when I said that. Not to mention the whole time he was smacking his gum so UGH that I could see his molars. Seriously!!

Sorry I missed your party JB. I still love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You're the most beautiful JudyBooty in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!

Deep Throat of the Day: My Packers upset the Eagles!! WOOO HOOOO!!


Coley said...

You know, I understand that it takes a lot to ask someone out, and that being turned down isn't pleasant. But seriously? He was just rude. "You turned me down, clearly you are an evil bitch." He's got some terrible dating karma coming his way. What an ass.

Randi said...

You should have been all dramatic and said "NO MEANS NO!" and blown your whistle to alert others of imminent harm.

Carmel Beauty said...

He deserved it that was not cute!!

Anonymous said...

GEez, he sounds like another Tom Durante, PhD (which I think stands for Particularly horny dumbass).

Rach said...

Good words girl, leaves him in no doubt, and it wasn't too harsh. He has some nerve!