Monday, October 01, 2007

No Losses

The Packers are STILL undefeated and Favre broke Dan Marino's record!!! I'm so happy and that's all I've got to say about that.

I wanna talk about something that consistently irritates the shit out of me. It bothers me on a daily basis, but I'm especially bothered by it today. What is it you ask? It's various companies and government agencies enabling the Spanish speaking population of this country to NOT learn the fucking English language.

Last week a man walked into the office and handed me a Spanish phone book and his business card, trying to get my boss to advertise in it. Considering that I don't make those decisions, I told the man that I would pass it along and if the doctor was interested, he'd be calling. Well, he's not interested. (his exact words) So the man called today and asked to speak to me. When I picked up the phone, I told him that my boss wasn't interested at this time but if he changed his mind, his card was on file. Yet the man, being the pushy sales person that he is, wouldn't stop there. No no. That would be the easy thing to do. Instead he kept on with how this book only goes to the "more wealthy, legal Hispanic citizens" of our area and they don't want to play "Russian roulette" with the Chiropractor they choose. Whatever that's supposed to mean. So after being very nice to him, I decided to say what's REALLY on my mind.

"Listen sir, I appreciate that you feel your job reaches out to the Spanish speaking community in a positive way. However, I feel that your company is an enabler. You enable the Spanish speaking people to NOT have to learn the primary language of this country which is ENGLISH. There should NOT be an option when I call various companies that says "para espanol, marke numero dos" there should NOT be any signs in any business window that says "se hablamos espanol" and there definitely should NOT be a phone book which is written all in Spanish. Why? Because this is AMERICA and we are an ENGLISH speaking country and as far as I'm concerned, they need to learn the language. How to speak it and how to read it. Period. So thank you very much for your time, but like I said before, the doctor is not interested at this time."

Then I hung up.

Maybe that was bitchy, but I really don't give a shit. That's how I feel. And it's Monday.

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!

Deep Throat of the Day: 422 and counting!!!!


NWJR said...

I realize that by saying this, I'll be branded by some as a flaming racist, but I agree with you.

My immigrant ancestors all worked like crazy to learn English. I hate going to Canada and seeing everything in two languages, and I'm afraid we're becoming like that here.

I don't know why Americans can't say things like this without being vilified. French nationalism is good, right? Europeans work like hell to protect their unique culture and language. What's wrong with wanting people to speak English in America? It really is one of the last things left that can unify us as a country.

Yes, celebrate diversity. Absolutely. Have Italian-American festivals, Oktoberfest, Chinatown, Little Italy, whatever. I'm all for it. But please make an effort to learn the language. I would do the same if I chose to live in another country. I certainly wouln't move to France and start demanding that everything be presented to me in English. Oh, but here, saying something like that brands me as a racist.

I don't get it.

JsTzznU said...

Good for you!! I would have done the same thing, eerr well maybe less polite =) Think of it like this. when you travel to other country's do you see any signs saying "English spoken here" ??? Don't think so!!

Judy B said...

I totally agree with nwjr and you. What amazes me most is that you didn't use even one curse word during that whole transaction with the salesman. WOW.

And I tell the "aliens" I work with that my ancestors came from Germany but you don't see me going around expecting everyone to speak German for ME, do ya? Besides, we assimilated over the past 250 years or so. :-)

The Lily said...

I totally agree. Really it's not just the ESL people that we're enabling. We're an entire country of equal-opportunity enablers. The level playing field is going to be the downfall of any kind of independence, work ethic and worth-while education in the US. No one has to work for/earn anything, all they have to do is complain and *presto* there is a program and legislation to preserve their right not to work for anything.

LunaChickNYC said...

You're my new hero for this!


You go girl! Dang...I wished I could be so brazen sometime...I am not a racist, but I do feel that if you are going to live in this country, that country's language should be the language you speak.
Rock on!

jsull said...

2 thumbs and 2 big toes up on this post.
With things like these idiots wanting something for nothing it friggin amazes me that there are some people that actually stll vote Democrat?!?!
for the love of God or darwin, don't these people think before they vote???
great post.
(who DGAF how he is branded!)