Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Men, football, and other shit

So another one bites the dust. I had to let the longest standing boyfriend since my ex-husband go kick rocks. It amazes me that I have this uncanny ability to find the guys who are really good at being perfect for quite some time, then turn around and be a completely different person. I think I may start my own business. It'll be a pre-dating screening service. Ladies, if there's a man out there you're interested in, send him my way. I'll date him for a while and let you know if he's worth it or not. Most likely not, but we can try, right? I'll let you know if he's a liar, bad father, alcoholic, irresponsible, and just plain old asshole. I'm just good like that.

On to more important things.......FOOTBALL!! So my Packers are kicking ASS!! I'm so happy we've made it this far. No one ever expected it! After we beat the Giants on Sunday, it's off to the Super Bowl baby!! Go Packers!!!

I think I may throw a baby shower for Sammy's (my ex-husband) girlfriend. I was talking to her the other day and the poor girl has some really shitty friends who aren't going to throw one for her. Her mother thinks it's corny for a mom to throw one for her daughter. Not that it's any better for her boyfriends ex-wife to throw one for her, but she should have one. And if I've gotta be the one to throw it for her, then so be it!

I hope all has been well with everyone!

Deep Throat of the Day: Date on Saturday......I don't waste time, huh?


KBear said...

well, that's big of you.

my mother helped with my shower.. she wanted to throw me a shower (bridal) but she lives too far away from me, so she helped my bridesmaids

a friend of mine had a baby shower thrown by her mom, so i dont know where the woman gets that idea.

but youre pretty sweet to throw it for her.

A Margarita said...

Aww, that's really sweet of you! Although I agree with KBear, where I come from, mothers throw baby showers for their daughters all the time.

NWJR said...

The older I get, the more I'm convinced that all men are pigs.

There's a blog post in this somewhere. Hmmmmm....

The Lily said...

That's awesome of you. Way to be a good human being. And yeah, with all the ladies on this one, mothers are allowed to give the showers for their daughters.

Jim McKee said...

1. It seems like most men are assholes. I keep saying I'm gonna start a new gender, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
2. NFL football: I'll get interested when we get a "real" team (which probably won't be in my lifetime).
3. You are a good person to throw that gal a shower. If it were possible, I would say don't invite her mother, who I would think would consider it corny to show up at the shower that SHE SHOULD HAVE THROWN. Just sayin'.
4. No need to waste time. That "healing process" stuff is mostly bullshit. (OK, if it was a deep relationship, some healing *might* be necessary... but it's different for every person... women who say they don't date a guy until he's been divorced for a year - bullshit. How do they know how long it took him to heal? Maybe he healed BEFORE the divorce, DUH!)

Anyway, off of my soapbox now.

Have fun on your date!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you just describe everything born with a penis? Except me of course and my bride is already married. Sigh
Goooooooo Packersssssssssss
IDGAF really but since your for em I'm for em!

Itchy said...

Moms can throw baby showers for their daughters, holy shit.

And, I gotta tell ya...If my soon to be ex-husband's girlfriend got pregnant there isn't a chance in HELL I'd throw a shower. No. I'd throw a party. For me. With lots of rum. To forget all about life and all the crap that comes along with it. You, my dear, are an angel. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

It will be a cold day in Green Bay. The Packer website has a warning about proper cold weather care.

Have you seen the Packer's couch that you can buy from the NFL shop?

Randi said...

Girl, I thought you quit blogging. Glad to see you up and at it again. Sorry to hear about the demise of the long term thang. We're on the same boat, kiddo. Wanna date me?

J R Estelle said...

Yeah, that's pretty big of you to throw the shower, but I say "kudos to you" for wanting to do so.

The Packers??? Not so much, you can kick Favre in the balls later. (I'm a Pats fan).

Dating...yeah I hear ya with that, it's the same with women. And if you don't want to date Randi, then there's always me. (Kidding).

Kira said...

You know, if I liked the gal my ex was dating and thought she'd be a good stepmom to the kids, I'd be happy to throw a shower for her. But that's easy to say when, in the six years since my ex and I split, he's never dated anybody. Plus, did you catch the six years part? Time takes care of a lot of those issues. I'm amazed you'd do this, though, when not nearly so much time has passed for you. She must be decent to your son at least for you to want to do this for her.

Sorry to hear about the ex boyfriend. What just happened to you seems to happen to all of my single female friends (and some of the married ones, too). How is it that they can hold in the crazy that long? That's the big question of the day.

Amanda said...

There should be some kind of punishment for men who seem great in the beginning and then turn into an ass. If you need help with the pre-dating service, I'll sign up.

David Jack said...

i'm super sad about the packers. but i have a grand idea. let's get brett to divorce deanna and you can scoop him up! then you can give me all the juicy details of his naughty bits.

mikey said...

Damned Packers. How in the hell could they lose the NFC Championship Game? Wha, now I gotta root for the fucking GIANTS in the Super Bowl? Listen, I've got no great love for Green Bay, but I'd easily root for Favre and the Pack over either the Giants or the Pats.

John Bryson said...

I think you might have something with that business idea. Now all you need is a man to supply the money for start-up costs and you're all set.