Tuesday, March 04, 2008




NWJR said...

Maybe you should change your template to black for a period of time...

Anonymous said...

well dog peter.
I hope ur tomorrow is better.

Anonymous said...

o shit
i just fingered out why u were sad!
ura farve fan aintcha??
i forgot
he wasa good'n

David Jack said...

so ... i wore black to wore because of it.

and THEN ... i designed this really great farewell look to brett for my sports cover.

and THEN ... they say, "it's too big. it needs to be about half that big."

so i say, "Um, it's BRETT FUCKING FAVRE."

"yeah, half as big."

so i make it smaller, i'm pissed, because it's not as pretty.

and hours later, they ask for it to be even smaller. they say, "we know you're like a huge favre fan and all, but ... it doesn't matter to our readers."

"he's brett fucking favre!"

i lost.

so did packer fans.


Anonymous said...


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J R Estelle said...

Yeah I know, but come on, 17 years is a good run.