Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Awww sookie-sookie

Two in a row. Hold on to your britches, folks!

Can someone please tell me why, when I accidentally typed www.blogger.cm (instead of com for those who didn't catch that) into the address bar, THIS came up? Just for the record, I like mine a little of both, sweet AND spicy.

Also, it is my duty as a boobie having citizen, to encourage you all to donate for the mammary goodness, known as boobies, in light of breast cancer awareness month. I sent in my picture yesterday which you can see right now by clicking, but they're already posted on the site too. YAAAAY for boobies!

My wonderful boyfriend, Joe, and I were discussing all of the breast cancer awareness going on this month and he said it pisses him off. Now, before you start thinking he's the scum-feeding low-life boil on the ass of society, please let me say this; his mother died of breast cancer when he was only four. Maybe that plays a role in part of his issues with breast cancer awareness? I'm not sure. Anyway, his issue was that during the rest of the months, there's no big events for prostate cancer awareness or colon cancer awareness or lung cancer awareness, etc. He said, "Cancer is cancer and we should be aware of it ALL of the time for EVERY body part and organ, not just tits. This is just a ploy to get women to open up their pocketbooks." (FYI, I call it a purse)

I explained to him that like he said, cancer is cancer. So if we donate money to fund breast cancer research, and a cure is found, then essentially we've found a cure for all cancers. Not just of the boobs. While it doesn't make me angry like it does him, I do see his point. Sure there are some events around the country for other types of cancer, but they pale in magnitude compared to breast cancer events and awareness. And we did agree that donating to any organization which helps fund cancer research is a great thing.

My co-worker has her own theory on breast cancer research and funding, but we'll get into that tomorrow.

Deep Throat of the Day: I think I'm naming my next child Anigav. Vagina spelled backwards.


Andrea said...

Ya know...the focus on the female part of it kinda gets me, too. I think that may be why I'm so obsessed with pointing out anytime I see it left out that men can also be diagnosed with breast cancer. I dunno. Something about it being touted as this big pink month of boobs just hits me wrong, even though I could be viewed as a huge, huge hypocrite since I participated in the BoobieThon everyday this year. But, yeah. There you go.

Jennybean said...

I agree... cancer is cancer and it all needs more attention...especially childhood cancer...

hmmm not so sure about the name choice.... LOL!

Judy B said...

Maybe Joe should start a campaign like "Dicks for Donations" or "Penny Prostates" or something.

Also, I think you should name your next child Egoops. But only if it's a boy.


april said...

Andrea: I don't think you're a hypocrite because the boobie-thon page does point out that men can get breast cancer too!

Jennybean: Childhood cancer is so sad. All cancer is, obviously, but being a mom, I'm so thankful that my son is healthy. I couldn't even imagine how devastated I would be if my son were diagnosed with cancer...or anything bad for that matter. And yeah, the name is really out there! LOL!

Judy: I will certainly pass the ideas on to Joe. And THAT'S why you were asking me about spooge.....HAHAHAHA!!

Britni said...

I see his point, I guess. He is a feminist for men! What is the opposite of a feminist? I don't know. My brain hurts.

On another mindless note: Anigav is going to be my online name if I ever need a new one.

Southern Sage said...

I think the point of the breast cancer push is to raise awareness to push more women to get proper screening.

April, you can't post tomorrow, that would be 3 days ina row!

Jim McKee said...

Hmmm... I agree that all cancer needs to be addressed, researched, and eventually cured. Not sure that curing one means curing all, because some have been cured (or at least controlled), and others have not.

But I've often wondered about the push for breast cancer awareness, since prostate cancer kills a LOT more people than breast cancer does.

(BTW, lest someone think that I'm just some idle chit-chatter... I lost my mother to non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 1982... she was 39.)

Britni said...

Also, totally unrelated, but totes jealous that you can go a month or two without posting and people are still checking your blog enough to a) notice when you do post and b) comment!

That doesn't happen with me. People for get I exist :(

april said...

Britini: Maybe he's a manist? Anigav would be an awesome online name. I wonder if people would figure it out. To your last comment; I get amazed too that people still comment on my blog since I blog so infrequently. Maybe because I've been doing it for so long and used to post daily? I don't know. But don't be jealous, this blog isn't shit compared to yours. And I certainly won't forget you exist!

Sage: I'm sure that has a lot to do with it. And I'm trying to think of something to write about so I can make it 3 days in a row...watch out now!

Jim: There you are!! I just went to your blog the other day and was wondering where you've been! You're right, there are many different types of cancer. I made a general statement that I probably shouldn't have made. Breast cancer for all basic purposes, is uncontrolled, abnormal cell growth in the breast. These abnormal cells can travel (metastasize) through the lymphatic system and attack other organs, causing caner of which ever organ it attacks. What I'm trying to say is that if we can find a cure for breast cancer in the form of abnormal, uncontrolled cell growth, then we've found a cure for all of the other cancers that are uncontrolled, abnormal cell growth. Does that make sense?

Sassy said...

I sent my boobies in too!

How about Anigav Riah or Anigav aibal?