Monday, October 13, 2008


I am not a doctor.
I am not a miracle worker.
I do not always have the answers.
I am not always happy.
I do not always know what to say.
I do not always know when to say it.
I do not always have to smile.
I am not always nice.
I do not feel like being nice today.
I do not always see the glass as half full.
I do not always understand.
I am not perfect.
And I will NOT ever be.


Anonymous said...

well I am glad there are two of us who fit that bill!

Britni said...

And all of those things are exactly what make you human.

Jennybean said...

No one is and no one does and no one will!

You're so special, just like everyone else...

lol! I'ma bit fo a crab too today, can you tell ;)

fyrchk said...

I am not believing how much you are blogging lately!

Kira said...

...when the water comes up to the midline, it is not in me to say it's half full or half empty. Instead, I feel forced to ask, "Where the HELL is the rest of my drink?"

And your first two lines brought back memories of Star Trek, "Damnit, I'm a doctor not a miracle worker!"

Ron said...

Yeah I hear ya April. BUT I think you're awesome and you have been writing me some fantastic emails that make me cry when I need to know that someone out there cares.

And you are freakin HOT lady!!

Jackie Adshead said...

Ah, but do you too, want to participate in the Fantasy Fannies (now you know what they are!) - email me if you're interested.....

asweetnectar said...

This states everything that a person feels at one point. We are not perfect and will work to think that we can just be better!

BTW I enjoyed your post below! embarrASSed! Cute but I hear ya!