Monday, November 10, 2008

A funny email

My co-worker, JB, is an avid Obama supporter. Her sister-in-law, L, was very very much for McCain. After the election JB sent L the following email......

----- Original Message -----
From: JB
To: L
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 5:23 PM
Subject: I can help

Okay, I know you were probably crying along with everyone else on Tues
nite, tho likely not the same reason as me. And to "extend my hand across
the aisle", so to speak, I want you to know I am here to help come January

I can help you learn new phrases, such as "Yes, we can", "I am totally
behind President Obama" and "Bipartisanship is a good thing".

Supporting our new president will not be too difficult. There is no
secret handshake to learn, and none of his speeches will be done in a
"rap" format. No special attire is required, no particular color ribbons
to wear, no 1970s afro hair-do's. I do believe he would prefer that the
"beehive" hair-do sported by Gov. Palin NOT come back into style but he
realizes that that is an individual preference and would no more tell you
what to do with your hair than he would tell you what to do with your

So do not be afraid, my Republican friend, to walk into the future of
America. We will walk together.

Your (favorite????) sister-in-law


This is the response she got from L.............

From: L
To: JB
Subject: Re: I can help
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 00:50:16 +0000

I am not now...nor will I ever be in the mood for jokes about this election.
You did your thing...I did mine!!!!! I do not want to discuss this in any
manner with you or anyone else. You voted for own it!!!!!!!!! He
will NEVER be MY President!!!!!!!! I will walk into the future with my sister-in-law and friend. I just hope the hell there is a
future to walk to!!!!!!!
ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!'re still my favorite sister-in-law

Love you still,

Of course when I read this I found it quite amusing. But the more I think about it I think it's sad. Over the weekend I was listening on the radio to a group of women who support the conservative movement. These women were speaking about Sarah Palin and how wonderful she was and how much she and McCain could've helped with the conservative movement. They pretty much said that the liberal women who "claim to be feminists" who bashed Palin for being an anti-feminist were not only wrong but they didn't know what the true meaning of feminism was. They claimed the bible states a woman's role in the world and that's what true feminism is about; being a wife and mother, supporting her husband and caring for her children. These women also stated that they would not support Obama because he was a socialist, his views and actions would not help in the conservative movement, only be a detriment to it. Shit one lady said that she still thinks that he's a Muslim.

This is crazy. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that Obama won. Do I think he'll fix this country? Probably not during his term(s). Will he help? I really hope so. That's why I voted for him. I believe that he has a better chance of getting this country out of it's current state than McCain did. No, I don't believe that Obama's the cure all, the messiah, the king. He IS the next president of this great country. And we should ALL set our differences aside and work together to make this country a better place. Because obviously we are all thinking there's something wrong. Saying things like, "He'll never be MY president" and "Obama is a socialist Muslim" aren't what's going to fix this country.

Deep Throat of the Day: We're all grown ups, let's act like it!


Grant said...

I second the whole "grow up, people" movement. And I'm sick of hearing about the new Pres's race. Oddly enough I haven't heard much about race from the ignorant rednecks, I keep hearing it from the so-called liberals who complain that other people are prejudiced and can't talk about anything else. I don't think anyone can completely fix America, but I think Obama is poised to do some good, especially since (largely thanks to Bush) both houses and the states' governors are now majority Democrat. My only fear is that he will be a do-nothing president instead of an actively bad one, but so far I'm still feeling optimistic about him. Come on, January 20th.

KBear said...

I don't understand the hype about his "race" and yes, even in Canada I keep hearing things about how America ruined itself by electing a black president.

I knew this would happen. That a lot of people would conveniently "forget" this man is half white and half black, and only see what they want to see.

I'm very happy that it seems that America has elected someone who will at least try to help the situation, and not hinder it. I know that it won't get fixed overnight, but as long as the majority believes he can make some changes (and obviously they do if he was elected) then hopefully that will make the difference.

I wish you all luck in the next four years, because to be honest, I think our future entwines tightly enough with yours to follow suit soon.. Let's hope things change for all of us.

NWJR said...

How does "L" walk upright with that giant stick up her ass?

Jim McKee said...

I voted for McCain, but, at this point, who cares? The fact is, Mr. Obama will be our president come Jan. 20th. This country has a LOT of problems, and I pray that he does a good job, because that will be better for all Americans.

If anyone says he's not "their" president, I have to wonder about their patriotism and what they wish for the country. Make no mistake, if he starts doing bad things, I will speak up, but he won the election, so I say give him a chance.

Johnny DC said...

Every time I meet a republican, I never pass up the chance to say "He's not even an American!!!"

They really believe that shit. Its so funny to see them get worked up.

Jim McKee said...

One more thing... I wish he did have a big 70's-style 'fro... That would be great, I probably would've voted for him then!

Randi said...

There used to be a time where talk like that could put you in prison.
Whether they like it or not, he's the president.
A lot of us didn't want Bush but we were stuck with him. He was still our president.

JJ said...

The anti-Obama crowd sorta reminds me of the anti-Bush crowd in 2004. Back then, a few high profile liberals suggested they'd move to Canada if Bush won reelection. Obviously they did not. Regardless, that kind of talk is unpatriotic. Same as saying Obama will never be MY president.

I guess I'm saying some people are going to be sore losers despite political affiliation.

J R Estelle said...

1. Who cares what color he is, he's got to be better than BUSH!

2. Palin would've set women's rights and the feminist movement back 150 years at least, for ALL women. Color need not apply.

3. Now we wait and see, like we do with every President, if Obama delivers.

Amanda said...

I've heard nothing but negative Obama comments at work since the election. Not on his politics. Just his race. And the really ironic this is, most of them didn't bother to vote.