Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I rocked the vote!

I am still registered to vote in the beautiful, little, country town in which I lived with my ex-husband. I kept it there because mainly because I forgot to change it, but also because it is a very very small town with no waiting lines to vote. The voting is done in a small church. In and out.

This morning I drove an hour and 15 minutes to exercise my right as an American to vote. After I got out of my car, I got a little confused as to which entrance of the church we're supposed to go in. There was a man walking not too far behind me. He looked typical to the area with his beard, John Deere hat, camouflage attire, and hunting boots. I turned to him and had the following conversation:

Me: "We have to go in around the front, right?"
Him: "I reckon."
Me: "It's been 4 years since I've done this so I wasn't sure." (as I smiled and laughed)
Him: "It's been 40 years for me."
Me: "REALLY?? That's awesome! Good for you for coming out to vote! I'm proud of you!" Then I walked over to him and gave him a high 5.
Him: "Well I ain't sittin' on my ass and lettin' some nigger take the office."
Me: *blink, blink*

I think my jaw may have hit the floor. I was speechless. Why? I don't know considering that's something I'd expect to hear from the majority of men in that area. However, I was surprised none the less.

This happened after I talked to my mom on the phone and she proceeded to tell me some things about what's going on with her and her marriage. Tears were shed and we had a wonderful conversation like best friends. I feel for my mom and the situation she's in and honestly, I've been in her shoes. She'll eventually figure out what's the best thing for her to do but until then, all I can do is be an ear to listen and offer any advice that I may have.

We moved into my wonderful boyfriend, Joe's, house this weekend. Things went smoothly and so far Ethan seems to like it. School was closed yesterday and also today but I enrolled him in the after school program which also watches them when school is closed for Teacher Duty days. Yesterday I dropped him off there, even though I took off work, so he could meet some new people. They went on a field trip to another school to play soccer and he had a blast. I got him all enrolled in school, got him new school supplies, I cut his hair, and he's all ready for Wednesday. How exciting.

Anyway, I hope you all get out there and vote, regardless of who you're voting for. It truly is one of the greatest rights we have as Americans, so I hope you exercise your right and VOTE!!

Deep Throat of the Day: I wonder if I voted with the guy who will try to assassinate Obama if he wins?


Ron said...

Yeah stuff like that scares me. Just when you think we've come so far.

Britni said...

Yay democracy!! I am totally freaking out and obsessively watching election coverage.

Jim McKee said...

As I like to say, vote early and often!

You're lucky, I had to stand in line for 90 minutes. :-(

I don't like Obama's policies, but if he wins, I still pray to God he doesn't get shot. No matter what party, that kind of thing is a severe wound to the nation's soul. (Plus, above all else, the guy's got a wife and 2 small children.)

J R Estelle said...

I'd say I'm shocked by what that man said, but I'm really not at all. I hope Obama wins just because of that.

Maine said...

* chuckling *

Well, now that guy can suck it.

Grant said...

That's ridiculous. Unless my random redneck e-mails are lying to me, Obama is secretly an Arabic Muslim waiting to sneak into the white house so he can rain fiery Jihad on the world. You should have corrected the man and told him to use the more proper epithet "AY-rab".

Randi said...

I can not believe people actually believe that it's ok to talk like that. Un be leave able.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Hold on. John McCain is black?