Monday, December 01, 2008

Mashed with a side of turkey skin, please

Thanksgiving went well, as usual. My wonderful boyfriend, Joe, and I went to my mommy's house which was filled with family and good food. My sister, Taylor, and I had our annual fight over the turkey skin because we are weird like that. (it runs in the family, I guess) Then we (see: the men of the family and me) watched football. I got excited because I had a few fantasy players score me a shit ton of points. But, unless a miracle happens tonight, I'll probably lose courtesy of Thomas Jones and his 138 yards and 2 massive touchdowns. Bastard. Cross your fingers and hope that Houston's Kevin Walter scores at least 25 fantasy points for me tonight. Either way I'm in the playoffs, but a big fat WIN would still be nice.

Friday night Joe and I went with his friend, Stacey, and her boyfriend, Josh, to the Caps game. Our seats were fanfuckingtastic! After one of the intermissions, Stacey came back with a cute little baby Caps outfit. She was showing it to me and explained that it was for Josh's nephews circumcision. I said, "You buy gifts for a baby when it gets circumcised?" She said that in the Jewish tradition, they have a big celebration for it and compared it to a Christening. I couldn't see the comparison considering that when a baby is Christened, it's fully clothed and in no amount of pain. And people are not having a party to celebrate the cutting of a baby's genitals.

Now, I'm not trying to discuss the topic of circumcision itself because I've previously discussed somewhere on this blog and on other blogs my preference for circumcision. My son is circumcised. It was done in a hospital without a crowd of people standing around watching.

I understand that it's a meaningful Jewish tradition, and I respect that, but I still can't help but think of how humiliating (even if it won't be remembered) it is for the baby. Not to mention that it is a procedure that's painful. Why would people want to stand around and watch that? Who wants to see a baby cry from pain? I know I don't. As a matter of fact, I cried when they took my son away to be circumcised. Why? Because I knew it was going to hurt him.

I knew that circumcision was a traditional religious ceremony for the Jewish but I didn't realize that it was made to be such a spectacle complete with presents. I thought it was something done with the parents, godparents, and Rabbi present. Not an event you bring a date to. Hey, wanna come watch my nephew get his foreskin cut off?

I probably just sounded completely ignorant for what I just wrote, but honestly? I don't give a fuck. I don't think that a baby being circumcised should be done in a party setting for whomever RSVP'd to see. And that's all I got to say about that.

Deep Throat of the Day: It was completely coincidental that I blogged about turkey skin and foreskin in the same post. I swear!


Jim McKee said...

Speaking of circumcision... (even though it's only one line from it...)

On Saturday Night Live about 3 years ago, they had a song, with animated film, called "Christmas Time For The Jews". One of the funniest things I've ever seen (and it was written by Jewish people, so don't jump on me).

The video clip:

The lyrics (scroll down, the person's blog layout is a little wonky):

Grant said...

In keeping with that tradition, let's throw parties and bring gifts when your child gets braces or is dumped for the first time.

NWJR said...

I'm all for applying Circumcision to the Federal Budget. You can cut 10% off the top of anything!

Amanda said...

I was distracted by the happy thoughts of turkey skin.

Sassy said...

As long as you don't confuse the two skins.

...I sobbed like a fool when they took my son away to be circumsized...

J R Estelle said...

is it the parents choice to have the child circumcised or do they just come, swoop them up and off they go?

I know nothing about it, but i know I'd like to have some smaller boobs please, thanks.

I'll check out Prop 8, thanks.