Monday, December 08, 2008

Warning: Mushy shit ahead

How do I express exactly how much I love him when there are no words or actions that I can find to show him how great the love I have for him is? I tell him that I love him, I appreciate him, I'm thankful to have him in my life, I'm the luckiest girl in the world because I have him, he's the most wonderful man in the world, and he's made me happier than I've ever been in my life. Those words are minuscule compared to the immense feelings I have for him.

I cook for him, clean, do his laundry, give him hugs, kisses, massages, cover his eyes in the mornings when he's still sleeping and I need to turn the light on to get ready so the light won't wake him, listen to him talk about the things he has passion for or complain about work, every time I see him when I first get home from work I greet him like I've not seen him in days, and he knows that I will do anything for him. Those actions do not do my feelings any justice.

I really am so damn happy. He treats me better than I've ever been treated. He adores me and gives me all that I need, and more, in every aspect. He amazes me every day with the way that he loves me. The affection and attention he provides is absolutely perfect. Anytime I need him, he's right by my side as he should be. He's already done so much for me and improved my life greatly. And I can't find the words or actions to properly show him how grateful I am to have him, how much I appreciate him, and how much I love him.

He is all that a man should be and more. He's the man I've been searching for my entire adult life. We have the relationship I've always dreamed of having. I never realized exactly how much happiness I've been deprived of, until now. To somewhat steal the words of Jerry McGuire (as corny as this may sound), he completes me. However I cannot find the words or actions to show him exactly how I feel. I know he knows that I love him with all my heart, but to me that just doesn't seem good enough.

Deep Throat of the Day: My cup runneth over...or some shit like that.


Anonymous said...

I cried!
Thats beautiful!!


EVeryone should feel that way. I hope it lasts, everyone deserves it and few get to experience it.
Go Girl.

Grant said...

"How do I express exactly how much I love him..."

Anal sex.

A Margarita said...

Aww, that's a sweet post. It's so great when we realize we have amazing people who love us.

KBear said...

I feel that exact same way about Matt.

I know how you feel. And I'm glad that you're so happy! you deserve it!

Kira said...

I know exactly how you feel :) And yes, it CAN last.

Jason said...

Excellent post. Congrats on finding a good man.

And I must say I agree with Grant.

Britni said...

Aw, sweetie :)

I'm kind of jealous!

NWJR said...

Steak and a blowjob, hon. That's all men want.

THAT is all he needs to be happy.

Trust me.

Randi said...

Hey... wait a minute... I feel the same way about MY honey!

Amanda said...

Oh, went over to the dark side! But I'm so happy for you!