Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another Interview

I requested that Sage interview here we go!

1. Many of your posts are about Ethan and it is easy to see he is the center of your world (which he should be), if you had to guess now as to his future what do you see 10 years from now, 20? If you could have it any way you wanted what would you want for him (specifics,not just health and happiness).

*This is a very tough question, which I've thought about many times. And honestly? I can't pinpoint what I see him doing 10 or 20 years from now. Sometimes I see him in college, other times I see him in the military. It's just so hard to say because every other week there's something different he says he wants to be when he grows up. And of course none of them are along the same lines. One week he tells me he wants to be a professional BMX'er and the next he says he wants to be a cop. He's only 10, so it's still too early to tell. As for having it any way I wanted it....I suppose that I'd want him to go to college, maybe take classes abroad so he can see some of the world. Graduate, get a good job that he *loves* doing, meet the woman of his dreams, marry her and give me grand-babies. Oh, and of course I'd like to skip the whole pubic hair growing part of his life.

2. What is your fave flavor Ice cream and have you ever implemented food into sex? If so explain.

*My favorite flavor ice cream is strawberry cheesecake. And yes, I've implemented food into sex. I've done some foreplay with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, and I've used ice in various orifices.

3. If you were Grand Pooba and you could enact 2 specific laws that were irreversible what would they be and why?

*This answer is going to be the same as my last interview. The first law I would make if I were Grand Pooba would be that if you move to this country, you MUST learn the read, write, and speak the language fluently within 6 months. Period. And then I would create a law that has something to do with preventing those who shouldn't breed from breeding. Let's face it, we all know at least one person who you look at and think, "That person should NEVER have children!"

4. If you could have any career in the world what would it be and why? (rock star, heiress, actress doesn't count)

*Well I really would love to be an actress. I did a lot of acting in middle and high school and wish I would've actually done something with it, but since you said it doesn't count....hmmmm, I've always been told I'd make a great lawyer. OH, I'd LOOOVE to be a forensic scientist or pathologist. That would be some shit!

5. Tell me three negative things about being one legged that us 2 legged folks would never even think about.

#1. Not being able to take a shower without trying to balance on one leg. It's dangerous, but I've become a balancing pro. (Although the first time I ever took a shower in Joe's bathroom, I fell down because his shower has a door and I got confused and thought it was the wall. When I put my hand on it to balance myself, it opened up and I fell right over. I lied and told him that I dropped a bottle of shampoo because I was embarrassed. But the next day I told him the truth and he laughed at me for feeling embarrassed to tell him.)

#2. Having to put a leg on in the middle of the night when I have to go pee because I'm afraid if I hop to the bathroom, I might pee myself.

#3. Not being able to wear sexy, high-heeled shoes.

And there you have it. You guys know the rules, I'm sure. And I guess I'll put it out there again...if you want to be interviewed by me, just let me know.


Anonymous said...

excellent answers!!! I knew you had answered a similar question to the Grand Pooba one but everyone else got it so I figured I'd give it to you too.
Lol@ various orifices!

I never woulda thunk those things about being one legged!

NWJR said...

I'll never look at an ice cube the same way again. EVER.

April, you're a constant source of amusement and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I have an Ethan have great taste! lol

Accessorygirl said...

Lol at one legged question..
my daddy is one legged and his answers would be exactly the same

it sounds like you have a wonderful sense of humor and of course...laughter is the best medicine..

we should all be so blessed to have such positive attitudes

Baby said...

I **SO** Loved your answers to Sage's Interview questions!!!!

As for the law on "breeding" - I had just had a conversation with a group of women that was quite similar and on the same wave length!