Friday, February 06, 2009

Bitch on a mission

As I mentioned before I have a meeting with the Principal of my son's school today at 2:30. We got a letter sent home with Ethan last night that stated the teacher is taking a leave of absence for an unknown amount of time, due to personal/medical problems. Hmmmmmm......

Either way, Ethan's still going to switch classes because it's the kids who are the main problem. Sure there's some issues with the teacher, and even bigger issues with the county, but the kids are what's affecting Ethan the most. So, wish me luck today!

And in exactly one week from today, I'll be a whopping 31!! I'm lucky to have my birthday fall on Friday the 13th! Ohhhh, scary! =) If I'm lucky some masked man will do naughty things to me. (hint hint, Joe)

Well I hope everything is fabulous for you guys! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Deep Throat of the Day: The county won't even let the teacher write names on the board when a kid does something wrong. So irritating!


Southern Sage said...

goddang girl you are friggin ancient!
I hope I live that long!
Gray hair and stuff.

Sounds like liberals run the county, they still paddle here.

NWJR said...

That Joe is a lucky man.


Good luck w/Ethan. Like I said before, he's lucky to have you advocating for him.

Amanda said...

Good luck with the school and the naughtiness!