Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Head hunter

I've not mentioned on here that I'm looking for a new job. I really love my current job. I love my boss, my co-workers and the patients. But since moving in with Joe, my commute has become less than desirable. Not only that, but I work until 6:30 Monday through Thursday. By the time I get home it's anywhere from 7:30 to 8:00 at night and that's just getting to be a bit much. My evenings are becoming stressful because I've got to go over Ethan's homework with him, cook dinner and then dishes. It helps that our roommates girlfriend cooks sometimes and so does Joe, but the roommate's moving out soon, leaving me the primary dinner maker. Which is fine. I love cooking and cleaning! I'd just prefer to do it earlier in the evening so I have enough time to do everything without being stressed out.

Anyway, I interviewed for a job that's literally 10 minutes from home (no travel on the beltway. YAY) two Thursday's ago. The interview wasn't bad at all. The HR lady was really nice but after talking to her alone for a little bit, she called the lady in who would be my supervisor. And she just rubbed me the wrong way. She wasn't mean at all but she wasn't too friendly either. She barely cracked a smile and it seemed like she was uncomfortable being there, which she may have been. I guess she just put off a vibe that made me not get a happy feeling about possibly working there. But I was also very hormonal so I don't know if I can trust my initial feelings. Then last night I received a notice that they did a background/credit check on me. Which basically means that they want to hire me. They probably wouldn't invest the money in obtaining that information if they weren't seriously interested in me, right?

This morning I met with a group who specifically finds jobs in the health care field. Companies contact them with their available positions and the group finds them good candidates. Head Hunters, as Joe called them. They told me about a job available that I really, really want. It's for another Chiropractor, a lot closer to home, doing very similar things that I do now only I'd actually be managing people. Only 2 people, but managing none the less. Right now, I'm the Billing/Office Manager but I don't manage people, just the office. Other than me, there's only 2 other women and we all pretty much answer to the doctor. Based on the description that they gave me of the job, it would be perfect for me. It's definitely the next step in my career.

The guys said they'd try to sell me to the Chiropractor to get me an interview, so cross your fingers, say a prayer, rub the belly of the Buddha or whatever it is you would do to send some good luck my way.

In other news, I scored a perfect 300 in Wii bowling on Sunday! Booyah bitches!

Deep Throat of the Day: Would you take the first job if you didn't get that warm fuzzy feeling from the lady who would be your supervisor?


Anonymous said...

I'd take the job if it was a better deal but I'd also interview for the head hunters job if I could. Good luck.
I'm rubbing my bald spot with tobacco juice and wd-40 for you to have good luck!

Grant said...

Why didn't you mention your bowling score first? It's way more important.

NWJR said...

I saw the title of this post and thought it was going to go in a whole different direction.

I'm all for trusting my gut instinct when it comes to people, and it's important to like the folks you work with, but you can always continue to use the headhunters if you need to.

And congrats on the bowling!

Dang, everyone's doing so well these days.

Randi said...

Follow your gut.