Monday, February 16, 2009

I need your advice, blogland!

My birthday and Valentine's Day were both wonderful! Joe took me to dinner at Ruth's Chris on Friday night for my birthday dinner. The food there is extremely expensive but amazingly good. As it should be for the prices. The service, the view, the company, the WINE (oh the wine) EVERYTHING was perfect! (I have found my new love in Moscato) Joe also had taken me shopping to buy some new work clothes since I'll hopefully be starting a new job soon. He's so fucking amazing. I seriously wish that everyone finds someone who makes them as happy as Joe makes me.

Anyway, if you haven't read the post below, please read it now because it pertains to my question I have for you guys. Did you read it? OK, good. I want to ask my boss if he's spoken to the other Chiropractor yet. Do you think I should? This shit is seriously driving me crazy! There's so much uncertainty and I really don't do well with that.

So, does anyone have any advice as to if I should ask my boss if he's talked to the other guy and if I should ask if he's given me a good recommendation? I seriously need *something* to make me feel a little more at ease with the whole situation.

Thanks guys!

Deep Throat of the Day: A crystal ball would be nice.


Southern Sage said...

Well if the boss knows you are looking for a new job then I don't see what it would hurt!

NWJR said...

I guess I agree with SS (above). As long as he knows you're on the prowl for new employment, honesty is probably the best policy.

A crystal ball would be nice." Is that your next toy review? ;-)

DDgirl said...

April, as long as you keep things clear (i.e. you're looking for a new job JUST BECAUSE you can't stand the commute anymore), you can totally ask your boss for a good recommendation!
Good luck!!

Ron said...

I agree with everyone else. He already knows so I don't think it would hurt.

Good luck!